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Surah az-Zumar:

Say: Oh my servants who have wronged themselves (by committing sins), do not despair of the mercy of Allah! Verily, Allah forgives ALL sins. Verily, he is oft-forgiving, most merciful.

There is also a hadeeth Qudsi which mentions that every single sin, except for shirk, will be forgiven by Allah. All we have to do is be sincere in repentance.

Our lord is most forgiving, most merciful. Allah will even forgiven the one who has committed the most sins but has faith in Allah.

It is obligatory to not despair of Allah and have faith in Allah's mercy. Oh Allah, forgive us of our sins, those that we do in public and private, those that are major and minor, those that we commit knowingly and unknowingly, and those that we may end up committing in the remainder of our lifetime. Aameen.

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Q: What does Allah not forgive?
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Will Allah forgive certain sins after death?

It is up to Allah mercy to forgive sins after death especially if one before death ask Allah for forgiveness and intend sincerely not to repeat these sins again. The only sin that may Allah do not forgive is to worship a partner to Allah.

Do Allah forgive for the sin zinnah?

yes he forgives you

Where are Adam and Eve buried?

This is unknown and Allah knows Best. May Allah forgive them and us.

How do you ask forgiveness from Allah for sins?

Allah is all-forgiving and if you sincerely repent and ask forgiveness from him he will forgive you if he wills.

Will Allah forgive your sins if you are a Christian?

No, if you are a Christian, you believe God will forgive you of every sin you commit if you are willing to repent, confess your sin, and forsake the sin you committed. Allah has no part in the Christian religion.

What happens if you do something bad-in-Islam?

If u don't know what u did was wrong don't hesitate and pray to Allah for this that you have done something wrong Allah will forgive you..and please don't do that again..!!Allah will not forgive ya if u do that thing again and again..!!

What should you do if you do not able to fulfill what you promise to god?

Allah is very Merciful, if you seek his forgiveness with true heart then he will insha Allah forgive you.

How you will get forgiveness from Allah after performing major shirk?

if u become a Muslim Allah promised u to forgive u the past, whatever the past was.

How does hajj effect people?

Allah is gonna forgive all of our sins if we heard

Why hazrat yousuf as got married with zulaikha e?

Because allah swt (god) give him instruction to marry with her, because allah (god) forgive zulaikhaas.

Is stride halal?

yes it is halaal as per my research is concerned.may Allah forgive me if i m wrong

Does Allah forgive you for all your sins?

Except for shirk, which is if you associate anything with Allah. if you repent to Allah maybe. For a world of sins . Allah brings a world of forgiveness. When you commit a sin you have some time to repent before the angels Kiramin Katibin write it down.

Can you translate death before dishonor Allah please forgive me in Muslim?

Muslim (Islam) is a religion, not a language.

What is salat like?

salat is like you pray five times a day so that Allah can forgive our sins..................

What is promised when going to mecca?

If a person goes to Makkah and performs the pilgrimmage correctly, Allah will forgive all of his/her sins.

Should Allah forgive everyone?

God forgives those as He pleases. No one can say any more than that.

What do Muslims believe about forgiveness?

They believe Allah is very forgiving and very merciful, and they believe they should forgive eachother.

Is it correct in Arabic to address Allah Subhanahu ya muhibbul afu?

shia *********** yes. he loves to forgive. so call him **************

Why would someone want to join the religion Islam?

it is because Allah will forgive one's all sin and he will definitely enter the heaven

How do you do salaat on an airplane?

Well, you can do salaat on an airplane in which ever position you are setting. It's better if you have a compass but that is okay, Allah will still forgive you.

Can Allah for you if you don't do Ramadan?

God will forgive anybody unless you ask him for forgiveness and Ramadan is a part of the Muslim culture so its mandatory that you do it

What makes Islam different to other faiths?

The difference is summerised in the statement: " There is no god worthy of worship except Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah". The purpose creation of human is to Worship Allah alone. Key: differences are that: 1. Believing Allah is The Creator and He is the only one to be worshipped. Not associating partners with Allah. Worshiping anything other then Allah is considered as association of partner to Allah. In Islam there is no crime bigger then associating partners with Allah And that is the only sin Allah DO NOT FORGIVE and He forgives anything other than that. Association of partner with Allah makes one Kafir (non-believer).

Does Allah forgive shirk support your answer with an ayah from the holy quran?

Answer:"Truly Allah forgives NOT that partners be ascribed unto Him, but He forgives other than that, to whom He wills (to forgive). Truly, he who ascribes partners to Allah has gone far astray (from the truth)" Qur'an, Chapter 4 Verse 116However, if one repented from shirk and intended to worship Allah as the one and only one God, then Allah may forgive him/her as promised in Quran (meaning English translation):" Say: "O creatures of God, those of you who have acted against your own interests should not be disheartened of the mercy of God. Surely God forgives all sins. He is all-forgiving and all-merciful. (53)"(Quran, chapter 39, verse 53)

Why awais qadri deported from Saudi Arab and stamped his passport as mushrik?

It may be. May Allah forgive him. In this way every naat khan is mushriq becoz only Allah help us in every field of life but some people call other for help.Only Allah help all the people. i'm sorry Allah if i wrong.

Would Allah forgive us for kissing as we are two engaged Muslims but not yet married?

AnswerAllah (God in English) is the All-Merciful and the All-forgiving. If you admit the sin, sincerely repent, and sincerely intend not to repeat the sin, then Allah may forgive you, per His will. Be confident and believing in Allah mercy and forgiveness. In the meantime, fear Allah in your doings and be confident He see you and He watch you. AnswerNo, he's going to send you straight to hell no matter what you do or how much you ask for forgiveness for you have committed a terrible sin. Haha, I'm just kidding, he'll forgive you. All you have to do is to sincerely regret your sin and ask God to forgive you. You must also make a conscious effort not to relapse into that sin, and you will be forgiven. haha I was so worried for a moment! Thank you for your reply, trust me Ive asked 100 times over! the biggest problem is my fiance is blaming me for this and has been quite hurtful about it, but he was there as well, he is from the middle east, doesnt forgiveness and guidence from him count anywhere!