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Anata no watashi (あなた の 私) when translated to English means "I'm yours." Depending on the context of the conversation, this can mean a few different things like I will support you wholeheartedly or I'm not busy right now.

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It means: You are my best friend.


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"Anata WA watashi no yume desu" means "You are my dream" in Japanese.

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I think this meant to mean 'you complete me', but it's a bit off. The whole sentence should beあなたは私を完了します (anata wa watashi o kanryou shimasu).

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Q: What does Anata wa watashi no shin'yu mean?
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What is anata wa watashi in english?

It means "you are me".

What is the meaning of Watashi wa anata?

I love you.

What does Anata wa watashi no garufurendo o sai mean in Japanese?

You will now be my girlfriend

What does Anata no watashi mean in English?

"Anata no" = your "watashi" = me "Anata no watashi" is most likely to be said when someone is referring to the listener's perception of themself (the speaker). If I said "Anata no watashi WA uso desu", this would mean "You're perception of me is a lie." (or "I'm not really who you think I am.") "uso" = lie

What does this mean Anata wa watashi o tataeru sensei?

Are you trying to say: "Anata wa watashi No tataeru sensei"? ie あなたは私の讃える先生 ? although using "ga" instead of "no" is more appropriate, this means: You are my teacher whom I appraise. anata wa= you are watashi no=my tataeru= to praise sensei=teacher

We are opposite I am fire and you are ice - Japanese translation?

Watashi-tachi WA hantai, watashi WA hi de anata WA kōri desu

How do you say I can't be with you because I love him.. in Japanese?

Watashi WA kare o aishite irukara watashi WA anata to suru koto WA dekimasen.

What does watashi wa anata ga suki da to omou mean?

It means that "I think that I like you." showing uncertainty.

What does watashi wa anata no yona ka uso mean?

If I'm not mistaken, I think it's "Is it a lie that I'm like you?"

How can you say i miss you in japanese?

Watashi wa anata ga inakute sabishii

How do i say im falling for you in Japanese?

watashi WA anata ni ochikondeiru

What is the Japanese of i want to torture you?

Watashi WA anata o gōmon suru