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What does Arkansas produce?

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Rice, soybeans, chicken, and turkey

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Does Arkansas produce more bushels of soybean corn or wheat?

Arkansas produces more soybeans.

What does Arkansas produce that no other state produces?


What does Arkansas produce the most of?

Agicultural products and processed foods

What produce is grown in Arkansas?

Cotton, soybeans, chicken, turkey, dairy goods, and catfish.

Arkansas university location?

University of Arkansas (Main campus) -Fayetteville, Arkansas. University of Arkansas at Fort Smith- Fort Smith, Arkansas Northwest Arkansas Community College- Bentonville, Arkansas University of Central Arkansas- Conway, Arkansas Arkansas Tech- Russelville, Arkansas Ouchita Baptist University- University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences- Little Rock Arkansas

What states in US produce rice?

In 2009 the top rice producing states were Arkansas, California, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, and Texas.

Where is the daisy BB gun headquarters?

Rogers, ArkansasRogers Arkansas

What is a sentence for Arkansas?

Arkansas is a proper name. You can make all sorts of sentences with names. You could say "I like Arkansas" or "I live in Arkansas." You could say "Arkansas is a state" or even "Arkansas is nice."

How many state senators are there in Arkansas?

The Arkansas General Assembly is composed of the Arkansas Senate and the Arkansas House of Representatives. The Arkansas Senate has 35 members. The Arkansas House of Representatives has 100 members.

What is Arkansas known as?

what is arkansas known as

Where is Arkansas Tech located?

Arkansas Tech is located in the state of Arkansas.

Where is the Arkansas River Valley located?

The Arkansas River Valley is located in Arkansas

What is Arkansas football team?

Arkansas RazorbacksAreana football- Arkansas Twisters

Is Jonesboro Arkansas Western or Eastern Arkansas?

Jonesboro is in the northeastern corner of Arkansas.

What river borders the state of Arkansas?

The Arkansas River borders the state of Arkansas.

Is there an Arkansas fact that starts with an X?

# X-rays were not invented in Arkansas. # Xylophones were not invented in Arkansas. # X-ray technology is used in Arkansas. # Xylophones have been played in Arkansas.

Is Arkansas a desert?

No, there is no desert in Arkansas.

Does Arkansas have a desert?

No, Arkansas does not have a desert.

In what state is Fort Smith located in?

Arkansas. It is on the border of Arkansas and Oklahoma in the middle of Arkansas.

Is there any mountains or rivers in Arkansas?

The Mississippi is on the border of Arkansas. There are the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas.

Can tsunami happen in vilonia Arkansas?

No, they cannot hit Vilonia, Arkansas, as Arkansas does not have a coastline.

What motorcycle clubs are in arkansas and their territtories?

Arkansas is a Bandito state

Where is Arkansas Baptist College located?

Arkansas Baptist College is located in the state of Arkansas.

Where is Southern Arkansas University located?

Southern Arkansas University is located in the state of Arkansas.

Where is The University of Arkansas at Monticello located?

The University of Arkansas at Monticello is located in the state of Arkansas.

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