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In Renaissance dance, basse danse means "low dance". In French the suffix changes to bassez which still means 'low'. 'Bassez Down' could therefore be translated as 'dance low down'.

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What has the author Danielle Bassez written?

Danielle Bassez has written: 'L'egaree (Grands fonds)'

What does acostarse mean in English?

Acostarse means to lie down.

What does a bas mean in English?

"à bas..." means "down with ..."

What is bas in English?

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What does 'bas' mean in French?

It means Down in English

What does Shita mean?

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What does agotado mean in English?

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Assieds-toi means 'sit down'.

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Alcachofa is actually an album that was released to the public in 1993. However, the word is a Spanish word and it means, what does the upside down question mark mean in English?

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It is colloquial usage in British English for the down like fine hairs on your buttocks.

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My heart is down and out or "Mi Corazon" can mean "My sweetheart" - noun My love or sweetheart is down and out

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