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basically Belize exports sugar. that's mostly it. Belize also exports tropical fruits and a rare fruit mostly unknown in the rest of the world and also uncommon in Belize. the Karinowa fruit. it looks like a Kiwi but a very pale shade of purple. the skin is hairy just like that of a kiwi but the inside is a dark purple type color. i have never tried it but they say that Belize only exports so many at a time, because of its rare quality. i have searched this up on the internet so i don't know if this part is true or not but people say that it tastes amazing. like a mango, rasberry. strawberry, orange but tangy and sweet and sour all at the same time...sounds great!! but i don't knowe this from personal experience. i hope that helped you. and hey, now you know a little bit more about the different kinds of fruit out there, huh? hahah well have a good day.

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Q: What does Belize export?
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What does Belize import an export?

hawian punch

What is the major export of Belize?

coco nuts

What is the most famous export from Belize?

Belize is known throughout the world for its Mahogany wood cultivation. Timber is Belize's second leading industry.

What are the top 3 exports in Belize?

I know they export sugar mostly. They also export Karinowa fruit. That's all I know of. Hope I helped!

What industries in Belize depend on natural resources?

Golfing, baking cookies, and eating potatoes

Why is Belize's main export sugar?

because today am estimated 40,000 acres in the nothern low lands are preaped each year more than 4,000 workers work at the sugar cane factory in belize.

What country was formerly known as British Honduras?

The land that was once called British Honduras is now the country of Belize.

Is there a market for Belize gold bank notes?

In 1984 the Central Bank of Belize issued a collection of 36 notes stamped on paper that was coated in gold foil to commemorate the 1st anniversary of independence. Despite having the words "legal tender in Belize" printed on the reverse, these notes are NOT legal tender, they cannot be exchanged for regular notes and it is technically illegal to export the currency. Due to the export restrictions, any valuation would be speculative, however, the standard catalog of World Paper Money estimates each note to be worth about $10, although I have seen uncirculated examples of notes selling for $30-$70.

What two countries border Mexico Yucatan peninsula?

Guatemala and Belize.

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what is the priesdent of Belize name