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What does Belize export?

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basically Belize exports sugar. that's mostly it. Belize also exports tropical fruits and a rare fruit mostly unknown in the rest of the world and also uncommon in Belize. the Karinowa fruit. it looks like a Kiwi but a very pale shade of purple. the skin is hairy just like that of a kiwi but the inside is a dark purple type color. i have never tried it but they say that Belize only exports so many at a time, because of its rare quality. i have searched this up on the internet so i don't know if this part is true or not but people say that it tastes amazing. like a mango, rasberry. strawberry, orange but tangy and sweet and sour all at the same time...sounds great!! but i don't knowe this from personal experience. i hope that helped you. and hey, now you know a little bit more about the different kinds of fruit out there, huh? hahah well have a good day.

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What do Belize and Honduras export?


What does Jamaica export to Belize?


What does Belize import an export?

hawian punch

What is the major export of Belize?

coco nuts

What are the main industries of Belize?

Belize has an economy that is based mostly in agriculture. They export citrus, sugar and bananas. They have recently began to export petroleum. Tourism is also important.

What is the most famous export from Belize?

Belize is known throughout the world for its Mahogany wood cultivation. Timber is Belize's second leading industry.

What are the top 3 exports in Belize?

I know they export sugar mostly. They also export Karinowa fruit. That's all I know of. Hope I helped!

What are the chief products of Belize?

The main exports of Belize are citrus fruits, sugar, and bananas. Mahogany wood is another important export. Agriculture is a major part of the economy.

What are the Belize export?

sugars,banana,citrus,clothing,fish products,molasses,wood,crude oil

What is the distance from Laredo tx to Belize city Belize?

what is the distance from Laredo, TX to Belize City, Belize ?

How did the country Belize get its name?

Because Belize got it by being Belize!

Which country in Central America has the smallest population?

Belize has the smallest population of those 7 countries.Belize.BelizeBelize

What is the capital of Belize?

The capital of Belize is Belmopan. To read all about Belize on, see the Related Link.

Who is the dictator of Belize?

belize is not a dictorship

Is there a desert in Belize?

There are no deserts in Belize.

Do they have earthquakes in Belize?

no belize does not have earthquakes

What is the leanth of Belize?

what is the leanght of belize

How Many rivers are in Belize?

There are 8 rivers in Belize. The major rivers in Belize are the Belize River, the Sibun River, and the New River.

What is the distance from Shreveport Louisiana to Belize City Belize?

The distance from Shreveport Louisiana to Belize City Belize is approximately 1,085.84 miles.

What is the currency and currency symbols of Belize?

The currency of Belize is Belize dollar By Alanood Alrawi

What is the driving distance from Jacksonville FL to Belize City Belize?

The driving distance from Jacksonville, Florida to Belize City, Belize is about 2,553 miles.

What is the temperature in Belize?

whats the wether in belize

What is Belize money called?

Belize Dollar

What is Belize largest city?

Belize City

What is the old capital of Belize?

Belize City