The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings

What does Bilbo keep to himself?

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There are several things that he keeps to himself. He keeps the ring to himself for a while. And when he found the Arkenstone, he didn't tell the dwarves.

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Bilbo himself wasn't sure at first why he kept the Arkenstone. Later he used it to eventually make peace with Bard and the other men.

Bilbo finds and keeps a gem called Arkenstone.

Bilbo told Smaug a riddle to keep him distracted.

In The Hobbit, protagonist Bilbo Baggins returns to his home The Shire by himself.

Bilbo is upset with the plan because they involve him checking the situation out himself.

Because the ring is turning him selfish, making himself think that they might take it away if he tellls them about it. He wants to keep the ring all to himself.

Bilbo finds himself in a cave after escaping the goblins. The cave is home to a creature who calls himself gollum. Gollum is in a mood because he has lost his precious(the ring in bilbo's pocket). Gollum challenges Bilbo to a riddles contest, if Bilbo loses Gollum gets to stew him in a pot and eat him. If Bilbo wins he gets to leave the cave uneaten. After a few riddles each bilbo realises Gollum is much better than himself, so cheats by asking "what is in my pocket?" When he faails to find the answer bilbo uses the ring to vanish from sight and escape.

It turns out that Bilbo doesn't defend himself against Thorin's accusation; the dwarf would have hit Bilbo if it were not for Gandalf turning up at the time to stop anything happening to "the burglar." This led to Bilbo stating that dwarves are "better in word than in deed."

He does not. A battle starts before Bilbo can give an explanation. At the end of the battle, a mortally wounded Thorin makes his peace with Bilbo because he does not want to hate him. He dies after forgiving Bilbo

Bilbo was scared! He had never had his feet off the ground before and when he found himself in the air, he held on too tightly.

He threatened to throw him down the wall if he didn't go down himself. He was shaking Bilbo before Gandalf intervened.

The dwarves were captured and imprisoned by the elves in Mirkwood. Bilbo had to keep entering to form a plan and carry it out.

1. Bilbo is alone with Gollum while exchanging riddles (Gollum wants to eat him) 2. Bilbo is alone with Smaug trying to think of clever riddle names 3. Bilbo is alone with the spiders fighting them by himself

He walks by his home one morning. Bilbo was out sitting and reading his letters and smoking a pipe. Gandalf introduced himself and they had a chat. Bilbo was very uncomfortable and scurried off, but invited the wizard to tea.

When a sword has a name it is because it belonged to a hero, so when Bilbo named his sword he thought of himself as a hero and that's a step for Bilbo and very important to know when your writing a paper on the book.

Bilbo kept from being captured by the Wood Elves in Mirkwood by using The Ring to turn himself invisible. He slipped in after the company of Elves that had captured the other members of The Company (namely, the twelve dwarves) as the Elves were escorting the dwarves into the Elven fortress.

Bilbo claimed that under the terms of the contract he was due a proportion of the dragon's treasure, and that he had taken the Arkenstone as his share.

Bilbo doesn't want to give Smaug his name for fear of evil spells, but he also doesn't want to refuse Smaug's request for fear of angering the dragon.

Well, as he justifies it to himself, he was entitled to a one fourteenth share of the treasure and which fourteenth was not specified. Though he was pretty sure that the Arkenstone would not be a part that he would get.

Bilbo takes it upon himself to save the dwarves while they are in distress. Bilbo saves to dwarves from the spiders and from the Elvenking's dungeon. Bilbo also takes a leadership role in trying to comprehend the riddle to open the door in the Mountain were Smaug lives.

Bilbo said, talking to himself, "what have i got in my pocket?" (it was the Ring). Gollum thought it was a riddle and Bilbo decided to make it one. he gave Gollum three chances to guess and gollum lost after four. then gollum went "to get something" (it was the ring), and Bilbo thought he was abandoned and left with the ring on. Gollum thought Bilbo knew the way out and he wanted to follow him, realizing Bilbo had the ring. Bilbo saw Gollum racing towards the gate and followed him to safety.

Bilbo and the dwarves stray from the path because they see a light in the distance. They stray even though they are told many times to keep to the path.

Bilbo is talking to Smaug when the doubts appear. It says in the book that it's because dragons are very persuasive, and he wasn't prepared for it.

His rescue of the dwarves from the spiders was a big turning point in his life. It gave him some confidence in himself.

They want to keep on going, as they believe he is either dead or has left them.

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