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What does CO2 consist of?

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carbon and oxygen

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What does a pipe bomb consist of?

An Empty CO2 Cartridge, The Heads of many matches, and a fuse.

Do binary ionic compounds consist of only two atoms?

No,, the consist of only two elements, or two types of atom. But depending can consist of more than two atoms depending on the valences of the elements involved. Examples (covalent): H2O, H2O2, CO2, SF6, Cl2O7, Examples (ionic): Na2O, Na2O2, CaF2, Fe2O3

What gasses are the outer planets made off?

In the solar system we have 4 rocky planets and 4 gas giants. The gas giants consist of mainly CO2 and SO2

What are the steps for external respiration?

External respiration consist in three steps:Pulmonary ventilation (inhalation and exhalation.)Gas diffusion.Transport of Oxygen (O2) and Carbon dioxide (CO2).

What are All products of combustion of petrol?

These molecules consist only of carbon and hydrogen atoms. The combustion products will be CO2 and H2O. Perhaps in oxygen-limited environments, CO will be formed.

Is sodium bicarbinate in bubbles?

The bubbles produced when sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) meets an acid consist of carbon dioxide, CO2, the same gas released from the lungs when you exhale.

What is the structural formula for carbon dioxide?

The carbon dioxide is known as CO2. It has a trigonal structure. The two C equals O. There bonds are equivalent and are short and consist of double bonding.

What does the human body consist of?

what does the ody consist of? what does the body consist of?

Is a compound whose molecules consist of one atom of carbon and two atoms of oxygen.?

Carbon dioxide is such compound. It contains one carbon and two oxygen.

What is the volume of 4.00 moles of CO2 gas at STP?

1 mole CO2 = 22.4L CO24.00mol CO2 x 22.4L CO2/1mol CO2 = 89.6L CO2

What conversion factor will change moles CO2 to Grams CO2?

# Moles CO2 * 44.01 g CO2 / 1 Mole CO2 = # g CO2

How many molecules of CO2 are present in 33.6g of CO2?

1 mole CO2 = 44.009g CO2 = 6.022 x 1023 molecules CO2 33.6g CO2 x 6.022 x 1023 molecules CO2/44.009g CO2 = 4.60 x 1023 molecules CO2

What does the mantle consist of?

It consist of asthenosphere

What do meninges consist of?

the meninges consist of what ?

Is smoke a gas liquid or solid?

Its a mix smoke is usually a combination of gas products such as CO2, water vapor, dust particles, ex. So this means smoke does consist of gas, but it is not only a gas.

Is smoke a type of gas?

Yes it is, smoke is usually a bunch of gaseous products of used fossil fuels or CO2, water vapor, and dust particles. So smoke does consist of gas, but not only gas.

What is a sentence for consist?

He asked what did the recipe consist of. A good story should consist of a beginning, a middle and an ending.

Why do organic materials burn and not inorganic?

A combustion reaction (burning) always results in H2O and CO2. This means that the material you're burning can only consist of hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon, which is what makes up organic materials.

How many CO2 moles comprise one mole of CO2?

One mole of CO2 equals 1 mole of CO2.

What does sediment consist of?

Sediment consist of backflown materials

What does a atom consist of?

consist of protons neutrons and electrons

The activities of an anatomist consist of?

The activities of an anatomist consist of

What is Jupiters atmosphere consist of?

it consist of hydrogen and helium

What is the present tense of consist?

consist is a present tense

Present tense of consist?

The form is "consist/consists".

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