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What does Canada produce?

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Canada produces wheat beef and pork are some of the industries wine grains and oilseeds. redmeat dairy poultry and eggs. rapseed alfaalfa barley wine canola wine flax rye and oats

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Volcanoes do not produce uranium.

Canada is the top producer of maple syrup in the world. They also produce flax as one of their large crops.

it is produced by the sun. It is mostly produced in Canada.

The three provinces that produce most of Canada wheat are Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. Saskatchewan produces over 60% of the total wheat produced in Canada.

Softwoods are mainly found in Canada. Canada is an extremely good source of softwood. Not only do they produce a lot, they produce QUALITY!!

Yes. Canada produces the most wood in the world.

we help Canada how to save energy and produce cheap and natural energy from windmills

Almost everything the U.S.A produces, except Canada has better bacon :) :) :) :) :) :)

what do Canada abundant water resources allow it to produce

Intel Company and Amd Company designs and builds the essential technologies and produce Intel CPU for Canada and USA. They both have a large sector of CPU markets.

Canada imports products from Brazil because they cannot produce these products. Canada imports products like cocoa beans and coffee beans.

The prairie Provinces of Canada ( Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba) produce most of the grains that Canada exports, this is why they are called "Canada's Breadbasket". They are noted for their flat terrain.

GM canada is a corporation in Canada. They give warranty, financing, and information about vehicles in general to soon to be or current motor vehicle customers.

Canada produces 80% of the world's supply of maple syrup each year.

Prince Edward Island has the largest potatoe farms and produce the most potatoes in Canada.

Yes, Canada is a major producer of natural gas, especially Alberta. Canada exports some of it's natural gas to the United States.

Canada is a large country that produces diamonds.

I worked produce in Canada for 9 1/2 years. A lot of our products came from the US.

Why should it not be?Egypt grows some types of agricultural produce that Canada cannot grow. Canada produces technology that Egypt cannot yet match.

There is lumber, produce, fish, oil, coal and many more.

Almost every country in Europe and USA and Canada

hi do you like elephant dung it can produce electricity

To get the vegetables and fruit they want all year round

1. Australia 2. Cuba 3. Canada

No Canada does not import milk as it has dairy farmers who produce milk. Canada also does not export milk or dairy products due to its supply management being isolated from the global market.

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