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Jesus said "Love one another as I have loved you". This means we are NOT to discriminate against anybody or be prejudiced. The old Testament may have said things to make one believe that it is okay but that was before Christ came and changed everything. Now, because of HIS sacrifice there is no more need to separate ourselves but to be united in HIM, as he is united in our father. Answer No matter the color of our skin we should be brothers and sisters and we are the sons and daughter of God. My father taught me this:

If you are prejudice against race, culture (Jewish, Chinese, Portuguese, etc.) we are discriminating. If we don't open our hearts to others different than ourselves that have a different culture we miss out on a lot of facinating things. People that discriminate are frightened of anything different. How much they miss! If we even don't like someone that isn't with the "in crowd" isn't blonde haired, blued eyed and tanned, then that's discrimination. If you go against a group such as "gays" that is discrimination. To put it bluntly, if we don't happen to like ANYTHING that doesn't fit our own private little world, and that person or group of persons is doing no harm, we are discriminating! After all in the U.S.A. and Canada we are suppose to be free countries, but my question is ... "Are we really?"

The Bible says, "Vengence is mine sayeth the Lord" which simply put means, if someone on earth is doing something wrong it is not up to us to judge that person and only God has that right. EXAMPLE: We do have to have control over murderers, but more often than not these evil slugs get out of prison far too quickly or get off Scott free, but do they really? No! They have to answer to God. That person's quality and span of life will be short and swift and miserable! God gave us free control to choose things in life and we can use it in a good way or not.

The Bible says, "Those who have not sinned, cast the first stone." I don't see any stone throwing going on. In fact, in Biblical times people that broke the law were often stoned to death, and that is when Jesus intervened and this quote came from that. None of us are pure of soul and therefore, we don't have the right to label others because they are different than we are.

Yes, we need to have a criminal system to keep control of our society and yes, we do need to fight in wars to protect our countries or other countries. These are necessities and not every day life.

I am a Christian, but follow the golden rule of "until I walk a mile in that person's shoes I have no right to judge." I can discuss how I feel with that person and give them my views, but I will never look my nose down on a person that decides to stand up for what they feel is right (even if they could be wrong) and will never treat them less than I expect to be treated. On the other hand... Unfortunately, the Bible teaches that it is okay and even right to discriminate against a national or cultural group (no real mention of skin colour though). The Hebrews are even urged to do so throughout the Old Testament. The land that God shows Moses is already occupied when God tells Moses He is giving it to the Hebrews. Moses points this out and God tells him to drive the people living there from their homes. God clearly distinguishes between His people and other people and he is not talking about believers and unbelievers. He is talking about Hebrews and all other cultures/nations. In all Biblical battles between the Hebrews and any other people the Hebrews are described as heroic for killing other people and other people are described as murderers for killing Hebrews. Jesus' message may be love thy brother but the Old Testament has a different viewpoint. You made some fine points. I will admit the Old Testament and the New Testament are very different. "Exodus" is one of the most controversial sections of the Bible and we must tread carefully on how we conceive what is written. When we read about God, Moses and Abraham we are thinking with the brain of who we are today, but, since the Bible was written in Hebrew, then transferred to English I think much of the meaning of scripture is confusing. We can't possibly understand exactly what is meant in many of Psalms in the Bible. (e.g. And man was made to go forth .....) Now, many people think the word "man" means male, but not true. It means the human race.Remember, God saved Moses as he was living with the Egyptians (hidden when he was born) and would have been nothing more than a miserable slave. God talked to Moses and, in parts of the Bible it says that Moses became arrogant and did not do as God asked him to do. God was going to dispose of Moses.It is true that God destroyed to a degree, but we must understand why. God was of love and there were laws, but laws ALL should follow. Most didn't (example: Moses and the Romans, to mention two of many.) Anyone that went against God (our creator) was destroyed. A good example is Sodom (sinning against God's order of life) God sent Lot to give warning. Gen. 19.24ff) God had announced His intentions to Abraham in Gen. 18, and agreed to spare the city if he could return with 10 righteous people. Lot and his family could find none, but God did spare Lot and his two daughters (his wife looked back against God's wishes and was turned into a pillar of salt.) "Lot's outcry to God was so loud that God sent two angels to destroy the city." Therefore, an entire culture was destroyed and is used as an example by our Lord. (Luke 17.29)In Gen. 9.7, Num. 36:1-13 comes "From these original peoples, far less genetically deteriorated than us, came all the "races" of mankind." God commands us to love each other as He loves us (John 13:34).There is no word of racism in the Bible, but, it is said that God told 4 of his followers to each go "North, South, East and West." Because there are different colors of skin, it's unclear to us humans why, and theories are it's the environment of the country that changes the skin color. Theories are theories and I highly doubt we will ever be able to totally figure it out. Answer The Bible says everyone on earth is decendent from our first parents, Adam and Eve. Thus, we are all related regardless of skin colour. Implicit in this is that we ought to treat each other well. Therefore, racism and discrimination is unbibilical. God is Not Prejudiced

This question asks about Christianity, so first of all, Christians are encouraged in the scriptures to love all nationalities and races as their Christian brothers and sisters. Acts 10:34,35 says "God is not partial, but in every nation the man that fears him and works righteousness is acceptable to him."

As a previous contributor noted, all mankind is descended from Adam and Eve. Gen 3:20 "Adam called his wife's name Eve, because she had to become the mother of everyone living." Thus all humans were the offspring of Adam and Eve.

In the Hebrew scriptures, God- Jehovah- gave mankind a good start stating his standards. His purpose was for us to enjoy endless life in a paradise earth. When Adam and Eve got the human family off to a bad beginning by their disobedience, sin, imperfection and death resulted. So now Jehovah stepped in with a long range plan to restore his original purpose. History shows that God blessed those who showed themselves righteous and God fearing, such as Abraham. He also did not and does not endlessly tolerate those acting wickedly. So while choosing Abraham's descendents thru Isaac and Jacob to become a special chosen people who would eventually produce the promised Messiah, he allowed them to drive out the inhabitants of Caanan who had indulged in depraved practices for hundreds of years. Yet one of the cities of Canaan, the Gibeonites, wisely took action that saved them and their descendants. So God is not partial. Eventually,even all those who lived in the centuries before Christ will be resurrected during the millennium and given a chance to prove themselves worthy of life. See Revelation chapter 20.

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Q: What does Christianity have to say about prejudice and discrimination?
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