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Claudere is a Latin verb meaning "to close".

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Q: What does Claudere mean in English?
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What is the word claudere means in English?

To close.

What Latin for to shut out?

exclude in English

What English word come from the Latin word claudere?

The English equivalent of the Latin verb 'claudere' is 'to close' or 'to shut'. But the verb also may mean 'to close up a passage or place' or 'to make inaccessible'. Additionally, it may mean 'to bring to an end' or 'to conclude'. And it may mean 'to shut in or up', in the sense of confining, enclosing, or even hiding.

The word comes from the Latin claudere meaning to shut?

The Latin verb claudere means "I limp", "I am weak" or "I am imperfect". The modern name Claudia derives from that verb. Claudere also means" to shut".

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What is the root of the word cloister?

It's either CLAUDO, CLAUDERE, CLAUSI, or CLAUSUM. I have no idea which one of those it is. Take your pick.

What does clusive mean?

It derives from the Latin claudere, to close. When combined with the prefixes in- and ex-(include, and exclude) it becomes to close inand to close out, respectively. The adjectival forms (-ive) become inclusive (closing in, or combining) and exclusive (closing out, or preventing entrance).

What is the root word for the word recluse?

The word is based on the Latin word recludere (shut up) from claudere, to close, from which close and closet also derive.

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