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what does okinwana mean english

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Q: What does Okinawa mean in English?
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When was Lieko English born?

Lieko English was born on June 3, 1947, in Okinawa, Japan.

What does ryukia mean?

Ryukia is the official (old) name of Okinawa.

What does Uchina mean in japan?

It's in Okinawan. It means Okinawa.

What time is it in okinawa japan now?

dude what time do you mean by now anyway?

How do you spell Okinawa in kanji?

沖縄県 (okinawa-ken), which is "Okinawa Prefecture", omitting the last Kanji 県 (ken) makes it 沖縄 (okinawa).

Was the person okinawa real?

Okinawa is an island

Was Okinawa in World War 1?

Okinawa is a part of Japan so yes, Okinawa was in WWI.

What does japans word Okinawa-shi mean?

It's short for "Shima" which means "Island"

What part of China is Okinawa in?

Okinawa is in Japan not China.

How many people fought in Okinawa?

I'm not in a position to answer, but do you mean Army, military, or marines?

When was Okinawa Expressway created?

Okinawa Expressway was created in 1975.

What is the population of Okinawa Island?

Okinawa Island's population is 1,384,762.