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What mean in lazo in english

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Q: What does lazo mean in English?
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What is la ceremonia de lazo?

"La ceremonia de lazo" means "tie ceremony" in English. "Ceremonia de la boda" means "wedding ceremony" in English.

What does lazo mean in spanish?

bond, loop

When was Salvador Lazo Lazo born?

Salvador Lazo Lazo was born in 1918.

When did Salvador Lazo Lazo die?

Salvador Lazo Lazo died in 2000.

What is the birth name of Elizabeth Lazo?

Elizabeth Lazo's birth name is Elizabeth Cristina Gonzalez Lazo.

What is the birth name of Nicholas Lazo?

Nicholas Lazo's birth name is Nicholas Warren Stone Lazo.

What is the birth name of Rosendo Lazo?

Rosendo Lazo's birth name is Rosendo Jose Lazo Villarreal.

How tall is Rosendo Lazo?

Rosendo Lazo is 6'.

What is the word 'pretzel' when translated from English to Spanish?

There is a phrase used to mean pretzel in Spanish, not just one word: Culin galleta salada en forma de lazo.

When was Sergey Lazo born?

Sergey Lazo was born in 1894.

When did Sergey Lazo die?

Sergey Lazo died in 1920.

When was Ezequiel Lazo born?

Ezequiel Lazo was born in 1989.