What does DTS stand for?

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Deville Touring Sedan?

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Q: What does DTS stand for?
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What does DTS stand for in the words Cadillac DTS?

The "DTS" as in Cadillac DTS stands for DeVille Touring Sedan. The Cadillac DTS replaced the Cadillac DeVille. The Cadillac DTS was first produced in 2005.

What does the DTS stand for in a Cadillac DTS?

The DTS name is an acronym for "DeVille Touring Sedan". The name was shortened when the DeVille underwent some revisions in style and power. The DTS debuted in 1995.

What does dts stand for on a Cadillac?

Deville Touring Sedan

What does Cadillac dts stand for?

Deville Touring Sedan?

What does DTS stand for or what does it mean?

When dealing with initials there can be several different meaning for the same set of initials. DTS can stand for Digital Theater Systems, Data Transformation Services, or Determined to Succeed.

What does the letters in DTS stand for?

DTS can stand for many different things. Some of the more common ones are Data Transformation Services, Digital Theater System, Determined to Succeed and Data Transfer System.

What is the meaning of DTs-si technology?


Full form of DTS in engine of bike?

DTS in engine stand for "digital twin spark".It is a modern techonology used in most of the bike today.this system enabes the engine to constant burning of fuel inside the engine.

When was Cadillac DTS created?

Cadillac DTS was created in 2005.

The following statements is NOT true about reflecting leave in DTS?

DTS is not a leave approving system, so there is no need to reflect leave in dts.

What is a traveler able to do with DTS receipts?

In dts a traveler is able to blank his receipt

When was DTS - sound system - created?

DTS - sound system - was created in 1991-06.

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