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Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency

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How do you say you are going to the dvla in swansea in welsh?

Rydw i`n mynd i`r dvla yn Abertawe.

What is the phone no of DVLA?


What payment methods do the DVLA take for car tax?

The DVLA takes many different payment methods for car tax. The DVLA car tax can be paid by a bank transfer, cash or a credit card. A payment proof is required before application for car tax. For more information you can call DVLA directly at 0870 025 0121

Does the dvla tell you when you need an mot?

The DVLA does not notify you when an MOT is due, however you can look up the status of your vehicle's MOT on the government website.

What bank has sort code 607080?


Can dvla refuse passport if passport is 6 months outof date?

If the passport is past the expiry date, it is no longer a valid document and the DVLA will be unable to accept it.

Do you tell dvla about change of car engine?

You must inform the DVLA of a change of engine and provide them with the new engine serial number. A section of you v5 will be made for this purpose.

Is the dvla in swansea free post?

i dont know okay

Can the dvla lift a car cover?

The DVLA (driving and vehicle licensing authority) is responsible for issuance of licenses to individuals in UK. However, you need to be more specific about which cover are you talking about and in which context.

I have been told to give my driving license back to DVLA and told I need a private license. What does that mean?

I think you'd be better off getting in touch with the DVLA and ask them directly - I've never heard of them telling people to get a private licence. The DVLA is the only place that issues driving licences in the UK.

Can a dirt bike be made street legal in tn?

yes its easy just register it with the DVLA then talk 2 them about it and they will do the rest yes its easy just register it with the DVLA then talk 2 them about it and they will do the rest

In what year did the DVLA start selling personalized number plates?


Can you sell your car with your personal number plate on it?

Yes but you have to tell DVLA

How can one book a DVLA theory test?

In order to book a DVLA theory test to get a license, one must use the online booking system. For the test, be sure to bring a provisional license and be prepared to drive.

Which company resides at SA6 7JL?

Return DVLA Driving licence Team

How much to transfer a car title?

DVLA do not charge for change of title ownership.

How do you get a driving licence?

In the UK... Apply for a provisional licence from the DVLA. Take a recognised driving course. Pass the theory test. Pass the practical test. Send your pass certificate and provisional to the DVLA. They will issue your full licence.

What is the DVLA database used for?

In the UK the "DVLA" means Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency. The DVLA database is therefore a record of all the driving licence information and the vehicles registered in Britain. It can be used by the police (and to some extent insurance companies) to check that a person is allowed to drive on British roads, if the vehicle being driven is taxed and insured and who actually owns a vehicle.

Which company resides at postcode SA6 7JL?

DVLA - drivers and vehicle licencing agency

When were car tax discs first displayed?

1. January 1983 by DVLA Swansea

Will smoking cannabis effect a dvla medical for drink driving?

I dont know haha ; )

How do you get a new counter part for a provisonal license?

You will have to contact the DVLA, see

Why is the driving theory pass mark ridiculously high?

I think it is because the DVLA wanted it that way.

How do you upgrade your UK driving license to a b1 driving license.?

Contact your nearest DVLA they should help you out.

How long can a UK citizen stay abroad?

Take a look at the DVLA site, under Britons Abroad.

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