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what Eva you wanna it to be

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Q: What does Disposition Assigned mean?
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What does a held disposition mean?

what does the disposition held mean

What does disposition of charge mean?

The 'disposition' is whatever the final action of the court was.

What does case dismissed with disposition of request for dismissal mean?

Complaint dismissed as to Swanson, Pamela with disposition of Request for Dismissal. what does case dimissed with disposition of request for dismissal mean

What does sunny disposition mean?

A sunny disposition is a term for someone who is cheery and friendly.

What does disposition date mean?

A disposition date is same thing as a Hearing (plea) at court

What does disposition mean?

attitude or your character.

What does disposition mean when involving a conviction?

The term 'disposition' refers to a court's final determination of a case or issue

What does disposition code ORDS mean?


What does converted disposition mean in court?

Converted disposition means that there is a change in the behavior of the person. They appear different from what they always appear to be.

What does gentleness mean?

Possessing a disposition that is kind and tender.

What does mercurial disposition mean?

oh it means to be a gangster

What does disposition mean in a court of law?

The outcome of the case

What is disposition code exp mean?

It means expired

What does disposition code CTRL mean?

Court Trial

Is there a sin of disposition?

One can say "He has a sinful disposition". I do not think that there is a sin of disposition as you asked, unless one uses the term to mean "The act or means of getting rid of something or somebody".

What does Disposition Sent mean?

It sounds like clerk "shorthand" for; Disposition: Sentenced. Without more info it is impossible to speculate further.

What does it mean when there is a disposition date listed for a DUI case in the state of New Mexico?

The disposition date refers to the date that the case was disposed of, or adjudicated, in court. If you enter a plea, the disposition date will be that day. If you have a trial, the disposition date will be the date that the jury reads their verdict.

If a person in jail is waiting on disposition what do that mean?

he is waiting to be movedd

What does demeanour mean?

A person's disposition as in very friendly or hostile

What does JAPL mean in disposition?

judge awaiting pretrail letigations

In law what is a C disposition after a 21453A of vehicle code violation and what is a docket 253288 mean?

I'm not 100% but I think it means violating a steady red arrow and as far as I know the docket number simply refers to the number that is assigned to the case.

What does dispositional mean?

Arising from, pertaining to, or of disposition (in any sense) Disposition is the process of disposal, not necessarily as waste, but in any way changing the 'position' of a thing.

What does it mean when someone calls you nasty?

It could mean promiscuous, smell bad or have an unpleasant disposition.

What does larcenous mean?

Larcenous means thievishness, dishonesty or a disposition to steal.

Is attitude an adjective?

No. Attitude is a noun. It can mean orientation or a person's disposition.