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FG stands for the designer of this coin, Frank Gasparro.

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Q: What does FG marking on the susan b dollar mean?
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What is fg on a 1979 dollar coin?

FG are the initials for Frank Gasparro, who designed the Susan B. Anthony dollar.

What does the letters FG on the back of a Kennedy half dollar mean?

i think it means for godANSWER:The letters FG are the initials of the designer of the reverse of the coin, Frank Gasparro.

What does FG mean on a 1965 Kennedy half dollar?

It's the monogram of Frank Gasparro, who designed the coin.

What are the letters next to the date on a 1979 Susan B Anthony dollar coin?

Only stars are on either side of the date on SBA coins. But if you mean the letters FG above and to the right, those are the initials of Frank Gasparro the designer of the coin.

How much is a sba fg coin worth?

Fortunately the initials "SBA" are enough to identify your coin as a Susan B. Anthony dollar. "FG" is not a mint mark - it's the monogram of the designer, Frank Gasparro. Please see the Related Question for more information.

What does the fg stand for on the 1964 half dollar?

The FG stands for Frank Gasparro the designer of the reverse of the coin.

What is a 1979 FG silver dollar worth?

FG stands for Frank Gasparro, the coin's designer. I assume you have a small dollar coin with a picture of Susan B. Anthony on the front and an image of the Apollo Mission eagle on the back. This was a standard-issue coin at the time and is worth only face value, unless it's a Proof coin in its original holder.

What is the value of a 1972 Eisenhower dollar with initials FG only on the back?

FG stands for Frank Gasparro, who designed the back of the Eisenhower dollar. The coin, in circulated condition, is still worth one dollar.

How is much is an E-Plurimbus Unum coin with a moon in the background worth that has an FG between the eagle's left foot and the branch it's carrying?

From your description the coin is a common Susan B. Anthony dollar (1979-1981 & 1999) that is in circulation today. The FG is the designers monogram and adds nothing to the value of the coin. It's just a dollar coin, spend it.

How much is a Susan B. Anthony 1979 D FG worth?

D is the mint mark (Denver), FG is the designer's monogram (Frank Gasparro)

What does FG stand for on a 1967 Kennedy half dollar?

The FG on the reverse is the monogram of Frank Gasparro, he designed the reverse of the coin

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