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it means that, because we are only human, any attempt to make the intricacies of the human body would fall far short of our standard, so it would turn out as a frightful mess. Sam W

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Mary Shelley said Frightful is must be for supremely frightful would be the effort of any human endeavor to mock the stupendous mechanism of the creator of the world What did she mean?

Because Mary Shelley was religeous and when Jesus died God described his death as frightful. and she is mocking gods words to relate to the bible. Mary Shelley was from a religious family and it would be a shock to the family that she is doing this. However she is wanting to shock the reader and cause question.

What part of speech is supremely?

Supremely is an adverb.

Is supremely an adverb?

Yes, supremely is an adverb. It means immensely, or to a great or extraordinary degree.

What is 'supremely very good' when translated from English to Italian?

"Supremely, very good!" in English is Supremamente veramente buono! in Italian.

What rhymes with extremely?

Supremely, unseemlySeverely, barely.

Is teoni a name?

Teoni means Godly,divine,supremely beautiful

What is excellent in the highest degree supremely admirable apparently above what is human?


What does pesimo mean?

pésimo/ma. It means, "supremely bad, that which cannot be any worse."

What is an element famous for great conductivity and malleability?

The metal gold is and excellent conductor, and it is supremely malleable.

Who was the kindness person in The Hunger Games and why?

peeta, because he is just "geunuinely nice" and "supremely good."

What is wrong with Bradley James's face?

It's incredibly, supremely, totally funny-looking. Really, really.

What is the English phrase 'supremely very good' in Italian?

Supremamente buonissima to a female and supremamente buonissimo to a male are Italian equivalents of the English phrase "supremely very good".Specifically, the adverb supremamente is "supremely". The feminine superlative adjective buonissima and the masculine buonissimo translate as "extremely/very good". The pronunciation will be "soo-PREH-mah-MEHN-tey bwoh-NEES-see-mah" in the feminine and "soo-PREH-mah-MEHN-tey bwoh-NEES-see-moh" in the masculine.

Do butterfly fly with their wings to move?

Yes, they move them constantly up and down at a supremely fast rate to stay in flight.

What does the idiom you are a little angel mean?

This is a metaphor, not an idiom. They are comparing that person to an angel, which is a supremely good being in religious lore.

What was the official title given to supremely powerful leaders who were at the top of the Inca Empire's political and social class system?

Sapa Inca

Which word has the same meaning as above all?

chiefly, especially, importantly, in particular, mainly, mostly, most of all, primarily, principally, supremely

Where were human rights denied in World War 2?

Human rights are denied in every war and the Nazis were supremely excellent at denying rights.

Which two supremely talented actresses starred in the original Broadway cast of Wicked?

Kristen Chenoweth as Galinda Upland Idina Menzel as Elphaba Thropp

Is Santa scared when he rides his sleigh?

Santa's trusted reindeer know what they are doing and where to deliver all the presents. He is supremely confident in their ability to fly level and true .

How important is Shahadah?

The Shahadah is the first step that a Muslim takes on their journey of faith so the declaration that there is only one God and that Muhammad is God's prophet is supremely important.

What is the source of polyester?

please answer this question as i really need to know by tomorrow.. :) This guy is supremely dumb, he commented a question on a answer. He must be a dumb American. P.S-England Rules

How do you know if a moshi monster seed is a rox flower?

First to plant any seed! then come back SUPREMELY quick and you might see a baby rox flower

Why are krill so abundant in antarctica?

Krill are sea creatures and survive in the supremely productive environment of the Southern Ocean which surrounds the Antarctic continent. There are no krill in Antarctica: it is a continent.

What does it mean for a person to have royal essence?

I think you mean " royal presence " . This means some who is supremely self-confident and possesses all the social graces in a very natural manner .

Do vampires always feed in the dark?

Natural light burns them. so yeah. un-natural , supremely bright lights kill them too. so yeah , mostly in the dark. No. A vampire can feed anytime.

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