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What does GAEDD mean on a ultrasound picture?


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I'm not an expert, but in Obstetrics GA usually refers to gestational age, and EDD usually is Estimated/Expected Date of Delivery, so I think it probably means the gestational age is consistent with the expected date of delivery.


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Usually GAEDD means Gestational Age / Estimated Due Date but it all adds up to pretty much the SAME thing... how far along you are in your pregnancy. Pam GA would be how many weeks from your last period. If you are irregular it would be 17 weeks from conception.

The answer depends on the type of ultrasound picture you're viewing. The abbreviations often refer to the anatomical structure being measured.

No. Gestational age is measured from the woman's last period. Even if she doesn't know when this was, the gestational age is time from conception plus 2 weeks. For example, a 'gaedd 19 weeks' will give you a due date 21 weeks in the future. You are 17(+ 1 day) weeks from conception. 19(+ 1 day) weeks from your notional last period and 21 (- 1 day) weeks until your EDD.

I am not sure what the GA is(possibly Gestational Age), EDD is 'Estimated Date of Delivery' (due date) and LMP is 'Last Menstrual Period' from which the EDD is calculated. 40 weeks from LMP is EDD.

GA is gestational age which is how far pregnant you are. LMP is last menstrual period, which is the date of the first day. EDD is estimated dte of delivery (40 weeks from the LMP) The EDD may be changed if the ultrasound gestational age differs from the age by LMP by a lot.

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an ultrasound wave is used because the ultrasound is not a harmful to the baby as an can alson see a live picture with ultra sound

The risks of having a pregnancy ultrasound are minimal compared to the benefits. The ultrasound is not an invasive procedure, but can provide a good picture of how the baby is developing.

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It is an ultrasound scan where the gel is rubbed onto your belly when you are pregnant to monitor the progress and growth of a foetus. they use ultrasound waves to bounce of the foetus and create the picture you see on the screen

It means that the ultrasound has found an area of abnormality that will need to be further diagnosed. Possibly with a biopsy. It does not mean that there is cancer, but it could mean that there is a mass or tumor present.

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