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General Services Administration, if you mean the GSA of the U.S. Federal government.

Or if you are referring to the Travel industry it means General Sales Agent

or Gay Straight Alliance

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Q: What does GSA mean?
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What does mean GSA in hotel industry?

GSA in hotel industry means Guest Service Associate... I never heard of this! It usually means General Sales Agent

What does GSA on a candelabra mean?

General Services Administration. See the Related Link.

What is the industrial funding fee?

The IFF is a fee collected by GSA Schedules contractors and remitted to GSA on a quarterly basis. It is .75% of your GSA sales for the quarter.

When was GSA Sports F.C. created?

GSA Sports F.C. was created in 1992.

How do you join GSA on plazma burst?

You can just put the highest GSA rank on your profile page....

Who buys from GSA contracts?

General Service Administration (GSA) Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contracts (aka GSA Contracts or GSA Schedules) are open to all federal agencies plus some state and local agencies. Check for more information. You can also go to and see what products are available on GSA contracts.

How can armed forces mcss jbuec claim to be a GSA contractor when the owner is a criminal and a con man?

The GSA is corrupt and does not care that criminals are using the GSA contractor system to run scams.

Gsa smartpay 2 has a contract with 3 banks which bank does not have a contract for gsa smartpay 2?

Suntrust bank

What does GSA stand for in government?

an independent agency, created in 1949, that manages federalproperty, records, construction, etc. Abbreviation:GSA

What does mean general service administration?

The United States General Service Administration (GSA) is a major federal agency. The GSA is responsible for making sure federal offices and staffers are supplied, have logistical support, and work spaces, among other responsibilities.

What does having a gsa contract mean?

A GSA Contract is a federal multiple-award contract through the General Services Administration. There is a training program which can give you good guidance located at Click on the Vendor Training tab and choose the Pathway to Success. When you have a GSA contract federal agencies and some state and local agencies can purchase your goods and services in an expedited manner.

What is the difference between GSA orders and IA orders?

GSA is when you PCS and IA means you return back to the same command you left from.

What is the agency created by Harry Truman?


What is hourly wage for Target GSA?


How much does a target GSA vs GSTL make?

Gsa: $12 Gstl: depends I make 19 but i have been working at target for 3 years.

How do you apply for gsa?

If you're talking GSA Schedule or GSA Contract, the following would apply: To get a GSA Contract (aka GSA Schedule, GSA MAS, GSA FSS), you prepare a proposal in response to one of GSA's solicitations. So it is not an application process, it is a proposal process. Therefore, the direct answer to your question is that you submit an acceptable GSA contract proposal in response to one of GSA's Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Solicitations. There is also some good training provided by GSA at their Vendor Support Center. Preparing an acceptable proposal can be a difficult undertaking for those companies which have not responded to many federal proposals in the past. There are many components to the proposal and sometimes the instructions provided in the solicitation are not concise nor located in one place. There are some books which can help you at and; however, many of those books provide more GSA contracting theory than proposal preparation assistance. I know of at least one which provides six direct steps to a gsa proposal, but suggest you review all the possibilities. Additionally, there are a multitude of companies which help businesses prepare acceptable GSA proposals. The pricing for a completely written proposal ranges from a couple of thousand dollars to well over ten thousand dollars. You can also find consulting, webinars and training modules which are offered by some of these companies. The proposal writing process can take up to 100-200 man hours, and GSA takes about 120 days to process proposals.

What is an airline GSA?

GSA = General Sales Agent. An airline GSA is a third party - usually a travel agent - that provides marketing and sales services to an airline under the airline's brand, usually in countries where the airline does not have service to (or has very limited service to). The GSA brings a local infrastructure, market knowledge and sales processes and is able to provide sales and marketing assistance to an airline without the airline having to incur the expense to build up their own staff in the country. Consider a GSA outsourced sales & marketing assistance.

GSA SmartPay 2 purchase charge cards are issued through three different banks which have a contract with GSA These collective contracts are referred to as?

Master Contract

Is GSA the agency created by Harry Truman?


What is GSA in aviation industry?

General Sales Agent

What company has GSA in orange shape logo?


Which is the power of the engine and the maximum speed of the citroen gsa 1979?

55hp @6500 rpm is the power of the Ctroen gsa 1979 engine and its maximum speed is 98 mph.

What does GSA on an old hand mirror mean?

Could it be military or government issue that was handed down or became government surplus? Government Services Administration?

Was does gsa mol mean?

Maximum Order Limit. Basically it is interchangeable with MOT or Maximum Order Thereshold. It is the price at which you GSA schedule pricing no longer applies and becomes a negotiated price. Example, if I sell chairs that list for $200 on my GSA contract for 50% off and my MOT is $100,000, if I get an opportunity to sell more than 1000 chairs I can negotiate a different price. With that said, you can ALWAYS sell to the government for less, just not more unless you've exceeded MOT.

Nasa the CIA epa and gsa are examples of?

Independent Agencies