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Georgia has many things. It has juicy ripe peaches, fresh dry peanuts, a warm climate and many other things.
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How was Georgia founded?

It was founded in 1732. The state was founded by James Oglethorpe for people in debt inEngland to have a place to start over.

Who is the Governor of Georgia?

The current Governor of Georgia is Nathan Deal (R) . Deal assumed office as the 82nd Governor of Georgia on January 10, 2011. His current term expires in 2015.

Who are the senators of Georgia?

John Isakson (R) and David Perdue(R) are the U.S. Senators representing Georgia. Isakson's nextelection will be in 2022. Perdue's next election will be in2020.

Does it snow in Georgia?

Yes! It does snow in Georgia but only during the winter. The Christmas of 2010 it snowed & was very rare! But when it snow in Georgia, they get alot of it & get snowed in.

Where is Georgia?

Georgia, the country, is in the Caucus region of Eurasia. Georgia, the state, is in the Southeast US on the Atlantic to the east of Alabama and the north of Florida.

City in Georgia?

The city of Atlanta is the capital of Georgia. Some other examplesof cities in Georgia are, Alpharetta, Fitzgerald, Baxley, andDaisy.

Products from Georgia?

One of the most-loved and well-known products from Georgia isCoca-Cola. The drink was created by Atlanta pharmacist JohnPemberton, around 1886. Other Georgia products are peaches, Vidaliaonions, YKK zippers, Dalton carpets, and Lay's chips.

Nickname of Georgia?

The state of Georgia has two different nicknames. Georgia is knownas the Peach State and Empire State of the South.

Why is Georgia famous?

There are many facts that make Georgia famous. The peaches andpeanut crops that are produced in Georgia are among its mostnotable characteristics.

The founder of Georgia?

The Founder of Georgia is 'James Oglethrope'. He was a forward thinking visionary who demonstrated great skill as a social reformer and military leader.

Who discovered Georgia?

In 1732, James Oglethorpe "discovered" Georgia. How can you discover something if people are already there (Native Americans).

Who is the President of Georgia?

Giorgi Margvelashvili is the President of Georgia in 2014. He became the 4th President of Georgia on 2013 November 17 under a newly enacted constitution. The President of Georgia is Giorgi Margvelashvili.

What is the curfew in Georgia?

The Georgia State Curfew Law Says, That 15 Years Of age and Younger Must Inside By 11pm(On Weekends) 16 Years Of Age Must Be Inside By 1am(On Weekends) And Only Suggests That 17 And Older Be Responsible.

Moving out in Georgia?

To move out of georgia, the first step is to compare moving companies to get an idea of the costs associated with moving. You can also check the cost of Georgia auto transport companies in case you have a car to ship out of state. I included some helpful links below to point you in the right directi ( Full Answer )

What continent is Georgia?

Most of it is in Europe, but certain territories are in Asia. It is not definite either way, and would better be described as Eurasian. If it HAD to be classified as European or Asian, it more than likely be considered European.

What continent is Georgia in?

Georgia the country, is in the Caucasus region of Eurasia (the continent of Europe) Georgia the US State, is in continent of North America.

What is the currency of Georgia?

The currency in Georgia is called the Lari (GEL). One Lari is equal to about 70 cents (US) -- as of 18 August 2008.

Does Georgia have a president?

Yes, Georgia is a semi-presidential republic whose president is head of state. Georgia also has a prime minister who is head of government.

What are facts about Georgia?

Georgia is a free country Georgia is a peaceful world to me Georgia has good presidents running Georgia is a beatiful state georgia was made to become a place for people in jail. there started out no slavery but that changed I have one interesting fact i just found out. The atlanta braves ( Full Answer )

What is Georgia of America?

The State of Georgia (/ˈdʒɔɹdʒə/ (help·info)) is a state in the United States and was one of the original Thirteen Colonies that revolted against British rule in the American Revolution. It was the last of the Thirteen Colonies to be established, in 1733. It was the fourth sta ( Full Answer )

Who is the namer of Georgia?

i don't know just guess. But i think its The girl's name Georgia It is Greek and Latin origin. .

Are there mountains in Georgia?

There are many mountains found in Georgia. These mountains includeBlood Mountain, Lookout Mountain, Springer Mountain, as well asStone Mountain.

What do they eat in Georgia?

The state of Georgia is famous for it's peaches. They make a lot ofpeach pie. Another food they eat is grits.

What is a Georgia?

Georgia is a state in the United States. it's not only a state it is also a country around the world. Sometimes people and dogs can be called Georgia too.

Is Georgia the same as Atlanta Georgia?

Not necessarily, there are several regions around the world named Georgia. Georgia as in "the state of Georgia" is not the same as a city inside that state. . Georgia could also refer to the Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic

What and where is Georgia?

Georgia is located on the east. in the Caucasus region . Capital city is Tbilisi. Population -4.395.000 . Total area - 69.7 km 2 . highest point is Mt' shkhara .

Is Georgia a he or she?

She hi my name is Georgia and i am a girl But I Am Definatly A He I Know :)

What can you do in Georgia?

You can go to the Cococola Factory, where you can try all different kinds like Coke Zero, Vanilla Coke, Diet Coke, ect., ect..

What are Georgia?

Georgia is a girl not a boy she is also very very very smart and has a georguse personallity

Where is Georgia in America?

Currently about 48th in education. Geographically, it's in the southeast, north of Florida, south of Tennessee.

How do you get to Georgia?

It is according to where you are coming from! Tell me and I will tell you how to get to where ever you want to go in Georgia.

What was Georgia know as before it was Georgia?

If you mean Georgia state it was always Georgia. As for country it was called Georgia from ancient times, but before that it was called kolkhis and then iberia.

What are the courts in Georgia?

Georgia state courts include Superior Courts, State Courts, Magistrate Courts, Juvenile Courts, Probate Courts, Recorder's Courts, Municipal Courts, and Civil Courts. Within Superior Courts, there are generally divisions for criminal, civil, and family cases. Superior courts generally hear cases tha ( Full Answer )

Where are the Amish in Georgia?

Montezuma, Georgia is home to a conservative Amish Mennonite community, but they are mostly Mennonite. There is a small Amish community just outside of Winder, Georgia as well.

How do you get legitimized in Georgia?

I am the step mother of my husbands 7 yr old daugter, she has been living with us almost 2 years, what do my husband have to do after getting legitimized and what proof do we have to show that she is in our care?

Who is Georgia Lock?

Georgia lock is a English actress and is known for the star of Sadie J- a comedy programme on cbbc- childrens bbc- kids tv. She is 15 In real life

What is the name Georgia?

Georgia is mainly an English and Greek name. It is the feminine form of the name 'George'. 'George' means 'farmer' or 'earthworker'.

How did Georgia Pacific impact on Georgia?

Georgia Pacific is one of the major paper products manufacturers in the United States. This industry greatly improved the economy of the traditionally agricultural Georgia. In addition, it depleted the natural forests resulting in a sustained replanting industry.

What does the Georgia Bight do?

The Georgia Bight is a bend in the coastline. Because of how inland the mainland lies, tropical systems have less of an impact. It isn't impossible for the bight to be impacted directly by a tropical storm. Simply the bight doesn't "do" anything. It is just the most westward area of coastline on the ( Full Answer )

Is Georgia the best?

The answer depends on where you live: I'm from New York, moved out to Europe, then New York again, finally Texas. If you live in Georgia there's a reason why you are staying, so it might be best to you.

Who are the Georgia Mavericks?

The Georgia Maverick's are a Major League Baseball team from Atlanta GA. Established in 1918, they are the only MLB team to have gone undefeated in all of their games.

What is a Georgia quarter?

A Georgia state quarter is one of the coins minted from 1999 to2008 honoring each of the 50 states and 6 administrativepossessions of the US. Those honoring the states were minted in theorder that each state joined the Union. Huge numbers of these coinswere made and except for a small number of erro ( Full Answer )

Why does Georgia exist?

The country, state, republic or place? Currently ESP is switched off, normal service will be resumed as soon as possible. "Your question is important to us and if you would care to hold, an operator will be with you as soon as possible, this is of course based on geological times"

What was the Georgia platform?

The act was instrumental in averting a national crisis.Slavery had been at the core of sectional tensions between the North and South. New territorial gains, westward expansion, and the hardening of regional attitudes toward the spread of slavery provoked a potential crisis of the Union, which in ma ( Full Answer )

What is Georgia bordered?

Georgia is bordered to Russia at the north, to Turkey and Armenia to the south, and Azerbaijan to the southeast.

Is Georgia a state?

Georgia became a State in the US in 1788. . (There is another Georgia, located on the Black Sea, and it's an independent country.)

What is the Capital of Georgia?

Atlanta is the capital of Georgia. It was selected because it was at the southern end of the Appalachian mountains and a great place for a railroad junction. If you mean the US state of Georgia, the capital is Atlanta. If you mean the former Soviet Republic country of Georgia, the capital is Tbilis ( Full Answer )