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Depending on context, accent can be translated as:











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it sounds like an accent u would be mad

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Q: What does German accent sound like?
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What does the Ukrainian accent sound like?

A heavy ukranian accent will sound russian, a lighter one will sound german.

What does the Mongolian accent sound like?

It sounds more like German or Korean.

What does the German accent sound like?

This German accent guide shows you step by step how to do a German accent and has videos of people speaking in a German accent. I honestly think the best way to learn is to watch people speaking it, but read through the how-to first so you know what to listen for. hope that helps

What does a German accent sound like?

it sounds like an accent u would be mad

Would Jonathon Ross say his r's like v's if he had a heavy German accent?

Maybe ! but it would be totally incorrect and sound dreadful !Most imitations of a German accent are done by pronouncing a "W" as a "V" on certain words,rolling the "R"s and accenuating the "SCH"sound.=== ===

What does the Czech accent sound like?

The Czech accent is generally characterized by its melodic and sing-song quality. It typically involves clear pronunciation of consonants and vowels, with emphasis on certain syllables. The rhythm and intonation may vary among speakers, but overall, it has a distinct and charming sound.

What does the Uganda accent sound like?


What does a basildon accent sound like?


What does a German and Irish accent sound like?

A German accent is often characterized by precise and guttural sounds, with a tendency to pronounce "th" sounds as "t" or "d". An Irish accent is known for its melodic lilt and variation in vowel sounds, as well as rolling "r" sounds. Both accents can vary depending on the region within each country.

What does the Hungarian accent sound like?

Check this page:

Does futbol have an accent?

YES!! definetly yes(: it would sound weired without the accent...and the accent goes in the ''u'' like this: fútbol

How are accent marks placed?

Accent marks are placed above certain vowels to indicate pronunciation. In Spanish, accent marks are used to indicate where the stress should fall in a word. In French, accent marks can also indicate the quality of the vowel sound. In languages like German, accent marks are used less frequently and usually indicate a change in pronunciation.