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I am unaware of any such word in German. Please check your spelling.

If you mean Platzkuchen, it cannot be translated. It is a German regional type of "cake" especially from west Saxony.

Also known as Huckelkuchen or Aufläufer, the ingredients are egg yolks, wheat meal, oil, schnapps, Die Zutaten des Kuchens sind: Eigelb, Weizenmehl, Öl, Schnaps(high proof), and salt.

The cake is baked for a shport time at very high tepmperature, until it obtains a golden colour. During the baking proscess the alcohol evaporates causing the cake to rise unevenly and form "peaks" and "valleys" known in the local dialect as Huckel.

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Q: What does German word blatzkuchen mean?
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