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The saying implies that with a fence between neighbors you can each maintain your privacy. When people become complacent about their neighbors privacy or wishes then ill feelings can occur. If your neighbor has the run of your yard there is always the chance that they might do something against your wishes. This does not imply that they are going to irritate you on purpose but there is the chance. A fence between the properties will eliminate the chance that they may trespass into something that you do not want to share. This is also not just about a physical fence. It also means that your neighbors should not have free run of the knowledge of your lives and what goes on in your household. There has to be boundries in all relationships which would constitute a fence. In regard to the actual fence it should be low enough to allow communication between the neighbors while keeping some things out. The same applies to the personal fence. Do not build a stone wall between each other that allows for no communication.

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Q: What does Good fences make good neighbors mean?
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Why do people build fences?

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors- Robert Frost

Is good fences make good neighbors a simile?

No, that is a metaphor. I think. ^^

What Yankee saying does frost's neighbor repeat in the poem Mending Wall?

Good fences make good neighbors

What poet wrote good fences make good neighbors?

Robert Frost. 64. Mending Wall

Why are there so many stonewalls in Connecticut?

Colonists held fast to the maxim that 'good fences make good neighbors'... and rocks are plentiful!

What does una buena valla hace un buen vecino mean?

It is the Spanish equivalent of the English, "Good fences make good neighbors." It literally means, "A good fence makes a good neighbor."

Who said 'Good fences make good neighbors'?

Robert Frost is best known for popularizing it in his poem 'Mending Wall'. (I say it all the time...)

What is the origin of the line good fences make good neighbors?

This is from Robert Frost's poem Mending Wall. I believe the line is original to him. The stress is on the word wall, as in cooking dinner.

When was Birds Make Good Neighbors created?

Birds Make Good Neighbors was created in 2005-04.

Why are fences necessary to make good neighbors?

Humans, as a species, are territorial. Also you could be living next to a pedophile or other person you may find undesirable.

What are the different things people need to know to create a truly civilized culture?

Culture is not created, it is allowed to develop. It is nurtured. It is the meaning of the group that rises from being. The most important premise that a culture group member must know is the adage, good fences make good neighbors. Fences are not necessarily a physical thing, fences can also be metaphorical.

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Because good borders make good neighbors.

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Should our neighbor who is fencing in their yard pay us for using our portion of existing fence at the property line?

No. Fences make good neighbors. Don't mess it up by being petty about them taking advantage of an existing fence. Call it an even trade.

How often does the speaker of Mending Wall meet his neighbor?

In Robert Frost's "The Mending Wall," the narrator meets his neighbor once away. The poem explores the theme of "Good fences make for good neighbors." The theme explores isolationism. The narrator jokes that his apple trees will never get over the fence to feed on his trees' pine cones.

What is the central image of the poem Mending the Wall?

My Guess political or social commentary on either the China ( brainchild of Ch"in Shih Huang-Ti- First Emperor of the China Wall! or the much later Berlin Wall. the idea seems to be ( Good fences make good neighbors) in other words boundaries are essential to privacy- among other things.

What is a fence?

its like a gate, look up a picyure on google. Fencing is a sport where you fight your opponent with a swordA fence is a physical representation of the legal boundaries of adjoining properties. Robert Frost (appointed Poet Laureate of the United States by John F. Kennedy) famously wrote,'Good fences make good neighbors'.

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Does the Berlin wall still exist in people heart and mind?

People still talk about the Berlin wall and share their memories. Also in the poem "MENDING WALL" written by Ruskin Bond it is said that "good fences make good neighbours"

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