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The name Guadalupe comes from a Spanish place with the same name. It is the site of a renowned convent. In Mexico, Guadalupe is the name for the Virgin Mary; so there is no accurate translation for this name in German.

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Guadalupe means Wolf River. The original town and monestery of Guadalupe in Spain was founded on the banks of the River Guadalupe in an area in which wolves lived.

Manolo IS A friend OF Guadalupe.

La Vierge de Guadalupe = The Virgin of Guadalupe.

A basilica (english word) is a place of prayer, similar to a church. La Basilica de Guadalupe would then mean to non-spanish speakers " The Basilica of Guadalupe".

the Guadalupe caracaras lived on Guadalupe island, Mexico

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You mean Guadalupe. Yes, it's a girl's name.

Lupe as a girl's name is a variant of Lupita (Spanish): short form of Guadalupe the meaning of Guadalupe is "wolf valley".So, likely: "wolf".

The address of the Guadalupe Library is: 4719 W. Main St., Unit D, Guadalupe, 93434 1321

The address of the Guadalupe Branch Library is: 9241 South Avenida Del Yaqui, Guadalupe, 85283 2529

Our Lady of Guadalupe refers to the alleged appearance of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Guadalupe, Mexico. You can visit her icon in the cathedral in Guadalupe.

There is no saint named Guadalupe. However, the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe is on December 12.

The phone number of the Guadalupe Library is: 805-343-1405.

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Guadalupe Marín died in 1983.

Guadalupe Marín was born in 1895.

Guadalupe College was created in 1884.

Guadalupe Lancho was born in Salamanca.

Guadalupe Loaeza was born in Mexico.

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