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What does HDPE stands for in waterbottles?


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2008-02-10 15:19:00
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High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)


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HDPE stands for High-density polyethylene, which is made from petroleum. It is a plastic used in many water bottles, plastic bags, and corrosive-safe piping.

HDPE= High-density polyethylene

What is the full form of hdpe

Because LDPE is an abbreviation of Low Density Poly Ethylene, whereas HDPE stands for High Density Poly Ethylene. This means LDPE is less efficiently packed together than HDPE, due to the larger amount of branching found in LDPE, leading to a weaker material.


the monomer for hdpe is ethylene and the polymer is polyethylene.

This is used for US made waterbottles

LDPE is softest, HDPE is harder, PMMA is much harder than HDPE

HDpe not soluble in any solvent at room temprture

Yes,HDPE may be recycled. HDPE is the thermoplastecs which is made by the polymarisation of ethelene. High densith poly ethelene is

what is the difference between the PE pipe and HDPE pipe.

water globes, wieghts wigs,waterbottles

HDPE is High Density Polyethylene and HMHDPE is High molecular weight High density polyethylene

HDPE pipe is high-density polyethylene plastic pipe often used for drainage in household plumbing. HDPE is also used for electrical and communication applications. HDPE is available with different diameter and wall thickness dpeneding upon the application. It is also available with UL rating. HDPE pipes can be used for water supply, dredging, gas supply, mining used and so on. Luoyang Max Import & Export Trading Co., Ltd. is prefessional in HDPE pipes. Welcome to your inquiry. Email:

What the letters HDPE suggest you are asking about is an industrially produced form of plastic. The manufacturer of the plastic would the best source of 'how it is made'

You don't specify anything to compare it to. If you mean the difference between LDPE and HDPE, then LDPE has branched chains which pack together loosely, making a softer material. HDPE is firmer because it has unbranched chains which pack together tightly.

Newspaper, Waterbottles, Cans mostly just Paper, Plastic, and Aluminum:D

HDPE or High Density Polypropylene is used in the manufacturing of most plastic items in production. Some of these things include soda bottles, plastic cups, hard plastic toys, and multiple other items. Now HDPE plastic is widely used for production of HDPE pipes in water, dredging, gas, mining and so on. Luoyang Max Import & Export Trading Co., Ltd. is specialized in HDPE pipes production. And welcome to your inquiry. Email:

HDPE is a plastic that is lower density than polyethylene, yet has a high tensile strength. So, combined with fiberglass it is good for boat building. Boats are not built just out of fiberglass, but of fiberglass and a plastic resin. Below is a link that explains HDPE better, and it's most popular uses.Source(s):

High density polyethylene bags

High Density Polyethylene

high density polyethylene pipe

Its is called Heavy Duty Plastic Drums

No, it is thermoplastic as it can be re-heated and re-shaped.

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