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Housing and Urban Development. It is an agency of the federal government.

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What does HUD in real estate stand for?

Department of Housing and Urban Development

What does HUD and NATO stand for?

HUD stands for housing and urban developing NATO stands for north Atlantic treaty organization

When was the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) established?


Is hud a legal document?

No. HUD (The Department of Housing and Urban Development) is a government agency.

What can you do if you believe you've experienced housing discrimination?

If you believe your rights have been violated... You can download the Housing Discrimination Complaint Form from Housing Discrimination Complaints and drop it off at your local HUD office or mail it to the Fair Housing Hub closest to you. You can complete the form and submit it online. You can write HUD a letter or You can telephone the HUD Office nearest you. To find a HUD office near you, go here: Local HUD Information By State

What does hud ready mean?

Housing and Urban Development.

Is HUD the only federal low income housing program in the US?

No HUD is not the only one but they are indeed the largest.

How do I apply for HUD or low income housing?

If you are interested in applying for public housing, contact your local HA. If you have trouble contacting the HA, contact the local HUD Field Office.

Who pays for section 8 housing?

The tenant living in the housing unit and the local Housing Authority which are funded by the Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

What is hued worker?

I presume you mean HUD worker, someone who works for the federal Government agency known as the Housing and Urban Development, or HUD, not to be confused with the local or regional Housing Authority.

Where is the main office of section 8 housing?

The Section 8 housing program is administered by the local Housing Authority in your area, and is giverned by the USDA, Housing and Urban Development office, known as HUD. Their main office is in Washington DC. If you have a complaint about how your local Housing Authority administers its programs, you have the right to contact the HUD office in that area, or write to HUD in Washington, DC, which will forward your complaint to the proper area.

Where to report Housing Discrimination?

HUD, your states Civil Rights' Commission, or your community's Fair Housing Office

Does Section 8 Housing alllow incense to be burned?

That's up to the Landlord, not HUD or the Housing Authority.

HUD Low Income Housing: Fair and Affordable Living?

The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, known as the HUD, has the role of providing fair and affordable housing to all citizens of the country. Some common programs that are regulated and offered by the HUD include subsidized housing and public housing such as section 8. Low income families can qualify for HUD's programs, such as public housing. Interested applicants need to apply with their Local Public Housing Agency, which will then find the appropriate apartment in a desired neighborhood. The HUD is also responsible for enforcing laws such as the Fair Housing Act, which prevents discrimination against tenants and home buyers.

How are landlords paid rent through HUD?

They're not: they are given housing assistance payments (HAPs) on behalf of a tenant on Section 8. This is done by the local Housing Authority serving the area of which the unit is located. HUD furnishes the money to the Housing Authority.

What is the full form of HUD?

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

What program helped fund public housing projects?

The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD

What agencies govern the use of Equal Opportunity Housing?

The federal agency is The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Agency responsible for enforcing Fair Housing Act?

The department of housing and urban development (HUD) is charged with enforcement of the act ...

Who is the head of the department of housing and urban development?

Shaun Donovan is the head of the HUD

can you give me a listing of hud senior housing?

Check for help with senior housing. Can you give me a listing of hud senior housing please? looking for a hud apartment in pinellas park fl. not a place where they check credit reports,or pay for appication fees.i am on a low income,and my rent just wwent up to $400 a mo. plus elect.and phone

How can you stop HUD Fed Gov to ban smoking in public housing?

Get the people in public housing to pay there own way. NO Public Housing = No smoking ban.

How do I apply for low income senior housing?

You must apply for subsidized housing by completing an application with the housing authority in your area. There are city, county and state housing authorities, as well as HUD.

What does the acronym HUD stand for?

It stands for Heads Up Display.

Where can I find a low income housing program?

The place to start for low-income housing is the HUD site ( You can find Section 8 housing directories on this site.