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Q: What does Hillary Duff like to do?
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Who is King Duff?

King duff is the father of Hillary Duff because they call him like that and Hillary is princess duff!

Who looks better Hillary duff or Haley duff?

I think that Hillary Duff is the prettiest.

Is Hillary Duff a girl or a boy?

Hillary Duff is definitely female!

How did Hillary duff die?

No. Hillary Duff did not die. She is alive and well.

What was Hilary Duff's?

Hillary Duff's What?

Is Hillary Duff a Christian and what does that mean to her?

Hillary Duff is a Christian and it means alot to her.

Is hillary duff gay?

she is bi...she like women too

Are Hailey Duff and Hillary Duff sisters?

Yes, Hailey is the older sister of Hillary.

Who is Haylie Duff's sister?

Haylie Duff and Hillary duff are sisters

Who is Haylie Duff's sister?

Haylie Duff and Hillary duff are sisters

Does Hillary duff have a twin?

No, but she does have a sister Haylie Duff.

What is the name of Hillary's Duff's sister?

Haylie Duff...

Is Hillary duff married?

yes hillary duff is married to mike comrie i am so happy for her

Where is Hillary from?

Hillary Duff was born in Houston, Texas.

Did Hillary duff die?


Is Hillary Duff engaged?


What are the names of Hillary Duff's sisters?

Haylie Katherine Duff.

What is Hillary Duff's middle name?

Hilary Erhard Duff

Is haylie duff in Lizzie maguire?

No. Its Hillary Duff (her sister)

How many movies has Hilary Duff stared in?

hillary duff has starred in over 28 movies hillary duff has starred in over 28 movies

Who is the girl in the nike next level commercial directed by Guy Ritchie?

Hillary Duff, yeah its Hillary Duff

Is Hillary Duff Pregnant?

yes she is

Who is Hillary duff married to?

She is not married!

Who sings With love?

Hillary Duff

What is hillary duff's age?

she is 22