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In 'The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn,' Huck learned that Mrs. Loftus' husband was going to use a gun to capture and turn in his friend, Jim for the reward money. While she was compassionate toward Huck's plight as a runaway child, she had no such compassion for a runaway slave.

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Q: What does Huck learn about Jim while talking to Mrs Loftus?
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What does Huck learn about Jim from from his visit to mrs. Loftus?

Huck learns from Mrs. Loftus that there is a reward for Jim's capture. Authorities are planning to search Jackson's Island immediately.

How do Huck and Jim get food?

Mrs loftus packs huck some snacks

When he visits Mrs Loftus Huck pretends to be?

a girl

What information does Huck get from Mrs Judith Loftus?

She figures out that he is a boy instead of the girl who dresses as.

Which were the ways Mrs Loftus knew Huck was a boy?

How He Caught The Thread

What is the name of lady Huck visited in town?

Mrs. Judith Loftus is the name of the lady that Huck visited in town in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain.

How does Mrs. Loftus figure out that Huck is not a girl?

Mrs. Loftus figures out that Huck is not a girl by the way he threads a needle and catches a lump of lead by clamping his legs together. Huck had dressed himself like a girl so no one would recognize him.

What story does huck tell Mrs Loftus when she sees through his disguise?

He tells Mrs. Loftus that he is an orphan that was being abused by his step-father so he decided to run away.

Who is Mrs Loftus in Huckleberry Finn?

She is a woman who tells Huck that Jim is being searched for and that her husband is go to search the island for Jim.

How does judith loftus figure out hucks disguise?

Huck catches himslef in a lie when he first tells Judith his name is Sarah then he changes it to Mary.

What do we learn about Huck from what he reveals of other characters' assessments of him?

Huck has no rules. Hucks dad is a drunk. He is adopted. Not well mannered.

Why did Tom envy Huck?

Tom thinks Huck is not respectable because of their upbringing. Tom was raised in a southern society and enjoys it while Huck is an abolitionist.