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Q: What does Joan of Arc teach us about living in the Catholic Church today?
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Is there living apostle in the church today?

No there is not a single living apostle in the church today.

Who is the highest official of the catholic church today?

Pope Francis is the supreme leader of the Catholic Church.

Who is the leader of the Rome Catholic Church and who holds this position today?

The leader of the Catholic Church is the pope. Today (2011) that is Pope Benedict XVI.

What is the Western Church known as today?

The western church is known as the Roman Catholic church

Who makes up the Catholic Church today?

The Roman Catholic Church consists of: * 1. Us (the Laity) * 2. People that are ministers in the Church (the Clergy)

How do the Catholic Church's teachings get passed on to today?

They are taught in catechism.

Who runs Mission Santa Barbara today?

Catholic church

How long did the Roman Catholic Church last?

The Catholic Church was established in 33 AD by Jesus Christ and is still around today.

Did the Catholic Church support the Fascists?

The Catholic Church has never supported the Fascists, Nazis or Communists. The Church tends to support democratic forms of government today.

Who is the highest official Catholic?

The pope, today Pope Benedict XVI, is the leader on Earth of the Catholic Church.

Who is the leader of the Catholic Church today?

Jesus Christ continues to lead the Catholic Church through his vicar on earth Pope Benedict XVI as of 2011.

Who is the leader of the Russian Catholic Church?

The pope in Rome, today that would be Pope Benedict XVI, is the leader of the ENTIRE Catholic Church, even in Russia.

What has the author Sarah R Wagner written?

Sarah R Wagner has written: 'Architecture as a response to today's Catholic Church' -- subject(s): Church architecture, Catholic church buildings

Is there enough emphasis on the nicene creed on the Catholic church today?

Yes! it describes the full elaboration of Catholic belief.

Who is a high official of a Catholic Church?

The Bishop of Rome, also known as the pope, is the highest 'official' in the Catholic Church. Today that would be Pope Benedict XVI.

The calendar used most widely today was developed by who?

Roman Catholic church

Who owns Mission Santa Cruz today?

The Cathoilic Church

Who are the leaders in the Catholic Church who take the place of the apostles?

The bishops are the apostles of today.

What effect does Erasmus have on the world today?

Inspirations to begin the reformatin of the catholic church

Is the Roman Catholic Church still a powerful influence on Catholic Churches today?

The Catholic Church is comprised of particular Catholic churches. Or, to put it another way, wherever you find a Catholic church, there you have a particular manifestation of the universal Catholic Church. So, this question is somewhat nonsensical.Sometimes, when people refer to "the Church" they really mean "the Magisterium of the Church" which is the Pope and the bishops in communion with him. If the question is read with this understanding then the answer is, "Yes." The Magisterium is still a powerful influence on Catholic churches today.Perhaps you meant to ask, "Is the Roman Catholic Church still a powerful influence on Christian churches today?" This would provide some more separation between the subject and the object of the question, since there are many Christians who are not Catholic. However, the answer then is not so simple. The Catholic Church has varying degrees of influence on other Christian churches, depending on that Christian church's connection with and respect for the Catholic Church.

Is the Church Catholic or open only to those who are born into the faith.?

The one holy Catholic and Apostolic church is there for all as Christ intended when he said to the Apostles - go teach all nations. Many members of the Catholic church today came via other Christian denominations. Before being accepted into the Catholic church one must be familiar with the teachings (Magisterium) of the church and must go through a course known as the RCIA (roman catholic initiation for adults). A person must have been baptised in the trinitarian manner, or if not they will be baptised by the church and also confirmed. Confirmation received in other churches is not recognised by the Catholic church but most baptisms are if done in the aforementioned manner.

How was the Church in the early fifteenth century different from today?

it depends which church you mean, e.g catholic or protestant etc

What were the archbishops role in Roman Catholic church?

First of all, there is no "Roman" Catholic Church, it's just the Catholic Church. Secondly, archbishops have always had the same role as they do today, they are bishops of a major diocese which is usually the head diocese of a province

Who is the religious leader of the Catholic Church?

The leader of the Catholic Church is Jesus Christ through his vicar on earth, the pope. Today (2012) that would be Pope Benedict XVI.

Are there congregations of Christian Catholic Church connected with John Alexander Dowie in the Philippines today?

Please answer it for me. I want to know if Christian Catholic Church is still existing in the Philippines?