What does LLC denote?

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Limited Liability Company

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Q: What does LLC denote?
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Which is correct LLC or LLC?


What does the LLC stand for in Indiana LLC?

The LLC in Indiana LLC stands for "Limited Liability Company". LLC companies blend corporate structure with partnership qualities.

Can a LLC invest in its parent LLC?

Yes, a LLC, that is, a LLC that is member of a LLC, could theoretically make a distribution to its parent LLC. Although, where member(s) of the LLC that is a member of the "parent" LLC are also member(s) of the parent LLC violate certain imputed fiduciary duties, the potential arises for unlawful self-dealing to occur.

What is the correct punctuation for LLC?


Who owns an llc?

an LLC owner.

Which is correct LLC or L.L.C.?


What is the DTC number for Pershing LLC?

Pershing LLC 0443 Pershing LLC/SL 5163 Pershing LLC/SL Int'l 5196

Does a LLC have shareholders?

No LLC's do not have shareholders like corporations. LLC's have members which are similar to shareholders in a corporation.

How does personal bankruptcy affect your LLC?

A LLC is considered one of your assets. The LLC protects you from liabilities it assumes, but it doesn't protect the LLC from your liabilities. Therefore, if you declare bankruptcy, you could possibly lose your share of an LLC. At best, it would be difficult for you to get credit for the LLC, since the individual generally has to secure credit for the LLC.

What is the difference in corporate and LLC?

Difference to be Corporate and LLC?

Can an llc escape a lawsuit by selling the llc?

No. See related question link that explains the liability of an LLC.

Do you put a period after the LLC in Stardust LLC?

Because "LLC" is an initialism and not an acronym, there is no need to place a period at the end. "LLC" stands for "limited liability company."

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