What does Laura Chinese name lao la mean in manderin Chinese?

The way that western names are put into Chinese characters is by finding characters that sound like the component syllables (transliteration) . You have to be careful though , as there could be several ways of writing your name sounds in Chinese and many of them could be less than flattering.

For example

Your name could be written as

老 乳 which is Chinese is pronounced Lao Ru , and is a close proximation to your name. However before you rush off to get it tattooed on your skin you may like to know that it means Old Milk ! Or Old Breast !

This is why it is important to find out exactly what your name means. People tend to choose sounds that are close to their name and reflect their personality.

咾乐 sounds like Lao La and means Happy Sound . That may or may not be suitable to you , or you may simply not like it , Im just giving examples

but again watch out for what sounds like your name but may not be flattering

老了 Lao Le , means getting on a bit in age :)

less damaging is

老辣 , Lao La it means experienced , or determined.

So as you see there are many ways to get the sound of your name , just make sure you find out what it means before you start using it.

Do you mean "lau rah"? or "low rah"? You have to put it in Chinese (mandarin or cantonese) before it means anything in that language.