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What does Mo Duinne mean in Gaelic?

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'Mo duinne' is not correct; it should be 'mo nighean donn,' which means 'my brown-haired one.' This is in Scottish Gaelic.

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What does 'mo duinne' mean in Scottish Gaelic?

It's not really Gaelic.mo duinne is not correct; it should be mo nighean donn, and was later corrected by Diana Gabaldon, who meant to say 'my brown-haired one'.

What is the Scottish Gaelic 'mo duinne' in English?

'mo duinne' is not correct; it should be 'mo nighean donn', and was later corrected by Diana Gabaldon, who meant to say 'my brown-haired one'.

What does the Gaelic phrase mo mhirnim mean?

mo mhuirnín =my beloved, in IrishGaelic

How do you spell my heart in Gaelic?

Irish Gaelic: mo chroí Scottish Gaelic: mo chridhe.

What are the Gaelic words for my heart?

Scottish Gaelic is mo chridhe; Irish Gaelic is mo chroí.

What does mo chroí mean?

MO CHROÍ means "My Heart" in Irish Gaelic.Mo Chroí means my heart in Irish.

What does mo cliambuinn mean in Gaelic?

"cliamnuinn" should be "chliamhuinn" "mo chliamhuinn" means "my son in-law"

What does mo mhaorine mean in Gaelic?

The spelling doesn't appear to be correct.

What is Gaelic for My Heart My Soul?

In Scottish Gaelic it is 'mo chridhe, m'anam'.In Irish Gaelic it is 'mo chroí, m'anam'.

What does mo chliamhuinn mean in Scots Gaelic?

It's mo cliamhainn in current spelling and means 'my son-in-law'.

What is the Gaelic for 'my young victor'?

Irish Gaelic: mo bhuaiteoir óg mo chloíteoir óg Scottish Gaelic: .......

What is the English for the Gaelic 'mo leannan'?

In Irish: mo leannán my darling/sweetheart.Scottish Gaelic: mo leannan

What does Póg Mo Thóin mean?

It's Irish Gaelic for 'Kiss my a**'.

What does da agus mo nighean mean?

"Da (?) and my daughter" in Scottish Gaelic.

What does 'mo nighean' mean?

In Scottish Gaelic it means 'my daughter'.

What does Pòg mo thòin mean in Scots Gaelic?

It translates as 'Kiss my arse'.

What does mo cailín a mhaith mean?

It's an incorrect phrase in Irish Gaelic.

What is the Gaelic for 'my friend'?

Mo chara, in Irish Gaelic. Mo charaid, in Scottish Gaelic and Connemara Irish

How do you say My Mother in Gaelic?

In the Irish language: mo mháthair;in Scottish Gaelic: mo mhàthair.

What is mo vilas Gaelic?

The 'mo' part means 'my' but 'vilas ' doesn't look like Gaelic.

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