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What does Myria mean?

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Myria" comes from "myriad" meaning "having endless variations, stages, phases.

According to Cyprus origin, Myria is from Myrianthi which means lots of flowers.

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When was Myria Benedetti born?

Myria Benedetti was born on 1975-02-06.

What nicknames does Jamyria James go by?

Jamyria James goes by Myria, Myria, and JayJay.

When did Myria Selva die?

Myria Selva died on February 2, 2013, in Genoa, Liguria, Italy.

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What does the name myria mean?

Depends on the origin. In Sanskrit, it means "prosperous". In Slavonic, it means "great" and "famous". In Latin, it means "astonishing". In Spanish, it means "wonderful".

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The best name ever?

the best name ever ofcourse is myria for a girl it is not a popular name and that is good u wouldn't like it to have the same name with other girls in class that's just real common sense my ria stands for myriad which means a lot it could be a lot of money a lot of plasnt news a lot of toys a lot of objects a lot of many things a lot of popularity even think about it and see u with the name myria myria =just be popular!!!!!!!!!!!

Definition of the prefix of myria?

It comes from the Greek word for ten thousand. Although in more common usage it refers to an uncountable or innumerable quantity. One example is myriad meaning an innumerable amount or variety.

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