What does Nigeria have?

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Nigeria is rich in Agriculture.

It is also one of the highest distributors of oil in the World.

It houses one of the biggest Head Offices for the Oil company, 'Shell'

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Q: What does Nigeria have?
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Nigeria was colonised by the British.

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Nigeria is in the northern hemisphere. Nigeria is in the content of Africa.

What is the richest region in Nigeria?

The richest region in Nigeria is Western Nigeria.

Why is Nigeria underdeveloped?

Why is Nigeria underdeveloped?

Where is Nigeria Waterfall?

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Is Nigeria in Europe?

Nigeria is in Africa.

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It is 2012 in Nigeria.

Who is the President of South Nigeria?

There is no South Nigeria, the president of Nigeria is Goodluck Jonathan.

How many lakes does Nigeria have?

Nigeria has many lakes. Nigeria has so much lakes that no one can count them. In fact Nigeria has no lakes.

How many people live in Nigeria?

Population of Nigeria Nigeria has a population of 151,319,500 people.

Where is Nigeria located?

Nigeria is located in Africa around the state niger. i'm from Nigeria.

Who is the prince of Nigeria?

the princess of Nigeria is ladi adelaja and also abitunde there the princes of Nigeria

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French is not spoken in Nigeria. You might be confusing Nigeria with Niger.

What Economic System is Nigeria Practising?

What is nigeria's economic system? What is nigeria's economic system?

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When Nigeria became Nigeria?

On 1st,October 1963 Nigeria became federal republic

Who colonized Nigeria?

The british colonized nigeria.

Which continent is Nigeria?

Nigeria is a country in Africa.

What is the continent of Nigeria?

Nigeria is on the continent of Africa.

What is the capitol of Nigeria?

Abuja is the capital of nigeria