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What does Nike mean?

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It means ''Victory'' in Greek. The name is used by a modern company producing running shoes and other athletic wear.

The Goddess Nike

Nike is the Greek goddess of victory. According to legend, in the Battle of Marathon, news of the the successful battle by the Greeks was sent by messenger back to their home city, 26 miles away (the origin of the marathon). The messenger was so exhausted when he got there that he said one word: "Nike!"(Victory) and then died from dehydration and exertion.

Further in Greek myth, when Zeus was gaining allies in the Titan War, Styx brought her four children, of which Nike (Victory) is one, the others being Zelos (Rivalry), Kratos (Strength) and Bia (Force). Nike was appointed his charioteer, and all four were appointed as sentinels standing beside the throne of the god. Beyond this Nike never acquired any distinctive mythology of her own.

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What does the sb in Nike dunk sb mean?

nike sb= nike skateboarding

What does golden Nike mean?

what does golden nike mean in the fifa wolr dcup

What does the tick mean on the Nike shoes?

it is the brand for nike ...

What does Nike mean in the wold cup?

Nike is a symbol of victory.

What does 'Nike' mean?

'Nike' stands for 'National sporting Industry of Kenny Erogeo'.

23 What does the word Nike mean?

Nike takes it's name from the Nike, the Greek goddess of victory.

What the word Nike mean?

In Greek Mythology, Nike was the goddess of triumph; the name Nike means victory :)

Nike air sign what does it mean?

In the shoe pad of my Nike Air+ mark says M12B. What does it mean?

What does the word Nike mean in greek?

Nike was the Greek Goddess of Victory.

What does the name Nike mean in Greek?

victory, Nike is the goddess of victory

What kind of jobs will Nike kids have when they are older?

What do you mean by 'nike' kids?

What does the brand name Nike mean?

Nike was named after the greek goddess of victory

When the world cup started the cup was called the golden Nike what does Nike really mean?

Nike means the symbol of victory

What does the Nike logo mean?

the Nike logo represent the wing of the goddess Nike. she was goddess of victory and was used by Nike in the context that if people wore their shoes they would be victorious.

O What does the word Nike mean in Greek?

NIKE is the godess of victory , victory is what it means.

What does the Nike swoosh mean?


What does the word Nike mean?

According to Greek mythology Nike was the winged goddess of victory. Nike represents victorious encounters in ancient battlefields.

WasTiger dropped by Nike?

No, Tiger Woods has not been dropped by Nike, they are sticking with him for the mean time.

What does the word the word Nike mean for shoes?

Nike was the goddess of victory so they named the shoe after her

What does viva Nike la dios Victoria mean in english?

Nike the God living Victoria

What does Nike mean in French?

That brand name is spelled the same in French, but the name Nike doesn't mean anything in's not French

Is he the only Golfer uses Nike One Tour ball?

Is who the only player who uses the Nike One Tour? If you mean Tiger Woods, then no, most of the Nike staffers use the Nike One.

What does it mean when your shoes have the Nike plus iPod sign?

This means that it is compatible with the Nike App on your iPod or iPhone.

What does the Nike symbol mean?

well the ancient history of the Romans had gods and nike was the messenger god and he would wear these shoes with wings and that's were nike got its symbol.

Your nike shirt says no bueno what does it mean?

no good