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What does Notorio por siempre mean?

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notorious for always or.....always notorious

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What does siempre y por siempre mean?

"Siempre y por siempre" would mean "Always and forever." Most often you will see "para siempre."

What does te axtraro por siempre mean?

te extrano por siempre means i will miss you forever

What does por siempre mean?

For always

What does por siempre mean in spanish?

for ever

When was Por Siempre created?

Por Siempre was created in 1996.

What does juntos por siempre mean?

Juntos Para Siempre means Together Forever

What does por siempre mi love mean?

"por siempre mi amor" literally means for always my love it can be taken as 'forever my love'

What does da nada chulo siempre por siempre mean?

It means: "you're welcome, any time"

Por siempre en amor con tu?

Im not sure what Por Siempre means, since por can either mean because of, in order to, or by, and siempre means either always or still, but i know that "en amor con tu" means"in love with you."

What does Por siempre amor mean?

with forever love.. or for always love...

What does estamos por siempre mean?

We're always here. We are for ever.

What language is por siempre in?

well por siempre in spanish translates to 'for always' or 'always' or 'forever' in English.

Novela Argentina amigos x siempre protagonizada por menudo?

la novela argentina protagonizada por menudo se llama por siempre amigos, amigos por siempre es otra novela argentina

How do you say you're mine forever in spanish?

Será / serás mío, a por siempre (usted / tú)Serán / seréis míos, as por siempre (ustedes / vosotros, as)*The expression "por / para siempre" ALWAYS NEEDS THE FUTURE INDICATIVE, NOT THE PRESENT INDICATIVE.Es mío por siempre (wrong)

What does te amo mucho por siempre mean in English?

I love you a lot forever

What does Te ama por siempre mean in English?

It means (S)he loves you forever.

What actors and actresses appeared in Por siempre - 2007?

The cast of Por siempre - 2007 includes: Paloma Arredondo as Enfermera

What are the ratings and certificates for Por siempre mujercitas - 1995?

Por siempre mujercitas - 1995 is rated/received certificates of: Argentina:Atp

How do you say always and forever in Spanish?

por siempre y para siempre

What actors and actresses appeared in Por Siempre - 2013?

The cast of Por Siempre - 2013 includes: Roberto Faz Bustos as Hombre

What does To quiero ser tu amor por siempre mean?

Roughly, "I want to be your love forever"

What does Te amo semper mean in English?

te amo por siempre= i love you forever

What does per sempre mean in spanish?

It means "for ever" and actually is written very similary. "Por siempre"

What does Portales mean in spanish?

mi carro! con mi corazon! te amo por siempre

What does 'Soy y serรฉ por siempre el suyo' mean in English?

I am and ever will be his.