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obama like to play Golf

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Q: What does Obama do on his free time?
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What does Obama enjoy to do on his free time?

President Obama loves to play golf.

What did Barack Obama like to do on free time when he was little?

play basketball

free obama air conditions?

free obama ac

Is Obama free mason?

Obama is not a Freemason.

What kind of dog does Barack Obama has and what kind of stuff does Obama do when he is off?

The Obama family has a Portuguese Water Dog named Bo. As for what the president does when he is off (I assume you mean in his free time?), presidents don't have a lot of free time, but Mr. Obama likes to play basketball with his friends, he likes to read, and he likes to play golf. He also enjoys spending time with his family.

When did Obama free the soilders?

They are all free retard.

Is President Obama a Freemason?

No, President Obama is not a member of the Free Masons. Free Mason organizations and theirs alike report that he is not a member of their society.

Can you get any phone with Obama care?

No and Obama care is medical and not for free phones.

What did Obama do in his free time?

Presidents rarely have much free time, since even when they are not at work (or when they take a vacation), they could suddenly be called upon to deal with a current crisis. In the case of Barack Obama, he has said he enjoys watching (and playing) basketball in his free time; he also enjoys playing golf. In addition, he likes to watch movies, listen to his favorite songs, and spend time with his wife and kids.

What are the candidates hobbies?

obama likes to spend time with family reading and basketball in his free time McCain likes to go hiking and watching sports

Which president are free mason member?


Is there a society against Obama?

Free thinking, intelligent Americans. Those not part of his Obama's cult following.

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