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"Que rico huele" means "it smells rich" (mostly used in reference to cooked food smells)

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Q: What does Que rico huele mean in English?
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What does Mera huele biecha que lo que aii mean in English?

Si aquello no tiene ningún significado en castellano; tanto menos en inglés. Nothing. Neither in Spanish nor in English.

What does Que rico papi mean in English?

it means what a handsome man/dad

What does Puerto Rico mean in English?

It means "Rich Port". Rico in Spanish means rich in English just if your talking about money. If your talking about food rico means it's delicious, good, etc. Example, "esto huele rico" mean this smell good or " que Rica la comida" means like delicious food in English. Puerto Rico means "Rich Port" in Spanish. The word Puerto in Spanish means port, and the word Rico means rich, affluent, delicious or costly. Presumably Puerto Rico means Rich Port, Port of the Rich, or something similar.

What does this mean in English papi rico que pasa?

Rich daddy, what's up?

What does que rico me encanta mucho cuando hablas espanol mean in English?

it means, "Nice! I love it when you speak spanish."

What does hay que rico mean?

"It is rich" is what it means.

What does papi rico que passa mean in English?

What's up, handsome daddy! or What's up, rich daddy! It depends on the context. Rico may mean nice, pretty, handsome or rich in this sentence.

What does que la mean in English?

Que la in English means that.

What does yo quiero que tu you das algo rico mean n English?

"I want to give you something rich (of good quality)."

How do you say that smells bad in spanish?

Que huele mal

What does the word 'Que' mean in English?

The word 'que' is a Spanish term. In English, the word 'que' means 'what.' An example of this is "que pasa" which translates to "what's up" in English.

How do you say i have to take a dump in Spanish?

Usted huele (= you smell) Tengo que ir a los servicios

What dose que mean in English?

It can mean ''what '' or ''that''.

What does que no soy mean in English?

que no soy: that I'm not

What does que tu puede mean in English?

que tu

What does Que mean french?

que in french means that in english

What does que verga mean?

'Que verga' would translate to mean 'that cane' in English.

What does que sera mean in English?

It means "that will be" in English

What does wat in Spanish mean in English?

'What does what?' = 'Que hace que?' (with accents on the 'e' in 'que')

What does que rico mean in English?

a way of expressing something or someone is good looking, pleasant, tasty, etc...por ejemplo, mmmmm yummy! : P

What does tengo que mean in english?

"I have to..."

What does en que mean in English?


What does que hay mean in English?

"Que hay" is a question that means "what is there..."

What does que mean as a root word in English?

que means that and also what.

What does crees que mean in English?

Crees que = You believe... . / Do you believe... ?