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It means "What is the date of birth?"

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"Quelle est la date de naissance" means "What is the date of birth" in French.

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Q: What does Quelle est la date de naissance mean in french?
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What does mon anniversaire mean in french?

"jour de naissance" (properly spelled 'date de naissance' in French) means date of birth.

What does naissance mean in french?

"Naissance" in French means "birth" in English.

What does ma de naissance mean?

"Ma de naissance" is not a standard French phrase. It may be a typo or error, as it does not have a clear meaning in French. If you provide more context, I can try to help determine what the intended phrase or expression may be.

What does lieu de naissance mean?

"Lieu de naissance" is a French term that translates to "place of birth" in English. It refers to the specific location where a person was born.

What is the comment for what is your birthday in french?

If you mean when is your birthday then the answer is: Quelle la date de ton anniversaire?

What does quelle la date ton anniversaire mean?

Literally: What is the date of your birthdate? Simply: When/what date is your birthdate? Quelle=What (feminine-singular form, pronoun), est=conjugation of être="to be," la date=the date (feminine noun), de=of, ton=your, anniversaire=birthdate (masculine noun).

What does sur quelle rue mean in French?

"Sur quelle rue" in French translates to "which street" in English.

What does c'est de quelle couleur mean in French?

"C'est de quelle couleur?" means "What color is it?" in French.

What does Il est quelle heure mean in French?

"Il est quelle heure" means "What time is it?" in French.

How do you say what a surprise in French?

You can say "Quelle surprise" to mean "What a surprise" in French.

What does tu as les yeux de quelle couleur mean in french?

tu as les yeux de quelle couleur means 'what colour are your eyes?' in French.

What does quelle jolie femme mean in English?

"quelle jolie femme" means "what pretty woman? / what a pretty woman!" in French.