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Will you marry me? Is what it means.

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Q: What does Quieres casarte conmigo mean in spanish?
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What does 'quieres ser mi esposo' mean?

It means "You want to be my husband". As a question, "¿Quieres se mi esposo?" it is "Do you want to be my husband?" If this were a man talking to a woman, you would use "esposa". MOre common would be "¿Quieres casarte conmigo?"

What does quieres ir conmigo mean?

Quieres ir conmigo = Do you want to go with me?

What does casarte mean in spanish?

casarte means MARRY

What does Qué quieres conmigo mean?

what do you want with me?

What does pero si no quieres es tambien conmigo mean in spanish?

but you know what

What does quieres salir conmigo mean?

Do you want to go out with me.

How do you say do you want to spend the night with me in spanish?

Quieres dormir conmigo? You could also say Quieres acostarte conmigo.? ( do you want ) or Te gustaria acostarte conmigo? ( would you like) Be aware that acostar has a more intimate (sexual|) suggestivness so if you don't mean to say it in that way then Quieres dormir conmigo? is the best to use

How do you say do you want to go out with me in Spanish?

Do you mean "will you go out with me?" it's "salirás conmigo?"

What does me gusta que quieres hablar español y bailar conmigo mean in English?

It means: "I like that you speak Spanish and dance with me""

What does quieres acostarte com migo hesta noche mean in English?

'Quieres acostarte conmigo esta noche' means: Do you want to go to bed with me tonight?

How do you say I like to go park in Spanish?

'quieres ir al parque?'

How do you say you are mean to me in spanish?

you are mean to me = Eres cruel conmigo.