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Routing Information Protocol.

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RIP can stand for many things relating to computers. Here is a list:Raster Image ProcessorReal IP addressRecovery is PossibleRelative Instruction-PointerRemote Imaging ProtocolRouting Information ProtocolRow Instruction Pointer,Captain.

The acronym "RIP" generally stands for Rest In Peace.

C^RIP stand for C^rips rule insane piru

Cyber-bullying is a major problem concerning children with the use of computers.

In computers it stands for File Transfer Protocol.

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The letters GIS stand for Geographical Information System.

In computers it stands for demilitarized zone.

Dialer Management Platform

complete operating system that works on a desktop computers

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Confoederatio Helvetica (Swiss Confederation)

That question is talking about the advantages and disadvantages of a networking computers compared with stand-alone computers

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Information Technology matters relating to computers and their infrastructure.

i t stands for health points.

Advanced Host Controller Interface

Magnetic Ink Character Recognition

Probably Personal Digital Assistant

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