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Randall Knock Out

no it randy keith orton

RKO is the finishing move of Randy Orton.RKO stands for Randell Keith Orton which is his real name.

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Q: What does RKO stand for in wrestling?
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What Does RKO stand for?

In Wrestling RKO stands for RANDY KEITH ORTON :)

What does the K in RKO stand for in wrestling?

The move is named after Randy Kieth Orton.

What does Randy Ortons RKO stand for?

RKO stands for Randy Killer Orton

In 1950 slang what does RKO stand for?

The only RKO i kno is WWe RKO and it stands 4 Randal Keith Orton

What does the K in RKO stand for?

The 'K' in RKO stands for Randy Orton's middle name, which is Keith.

What is rko in wrestling?

The name RKO stands for Randal Kieth Orton the move is a diamond cutter originally performed by DDP Diamond Dallas Page

What does randy orton's finisher RKO stand for?

The "K" in RKO stands for Randy Orton's middle name which is Keith. RKO could also mean randy knock out but i am not so sure about his.

What does rko-de stand for?

randy keith orton

What does rko stand for in WWE?

it stands for Randal Keith Orton

Who wins this year bash for wrestling Triple H or randyorton?

rko is gonna dominate hhh

Does the rko hurt?

The RKO is the finishing move of wrestler Randy Orton. If you attempt it in real life outside of a professional wrestling ring, it would hurt very much and can damage the neck.

What does Randy Ortons finisher RKO stand for?

Randal Keith Orton.

What dose randy ortons rko stand for?

Randal Keith Orton

In WWE what does RKO stand for?

its randy ortons innitials... Randal Keith Orton!

What does randy orton's rko stand for?

Randal Keith Orton (his full name).

What does the R K O in RKO Radio Pictures stand for?

Randy Knock Out

What does randy orton rko stand for?

Randal Keith Orton (his full name).

Who won WWE 2009 royal rumble?

randy orton of course go rko rko rko rko luv rko

What does the R.K.O. stand for?

rko stands 4 randall keith orton r_k_o

What does the rko stand for?

hey dude rko means----first randy's full name is randy Keith orton....soR-RandyK-KeithO-Orton

Why is randy orton's move called the RKO?

The RKO has many different definitions and can stand for a lot of different things - the most-used term is Ruthless Kicking Orton or even his Initials: Randy Keith Orton. WWE has no real idea what the RKO stands for. The idea of the RKO Name was based on his Name, but this idea has merged with the others.

Where does the wrestling commentator stand?

they dont stand they sit

Is Randy Orton going to do the Rko on Stone Cold?

I don't think so stone cold hasn't been in wrestling for a wile!

Does WWF still stand for world wrestling federations?

Yes, WWF does stand for World Wrestling Federation. However, they have changed it to the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment).

What does WWE stand for in wrestling?

WWE stands for: "World Wrestling Entertainment".