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Q: What does Rome influence us today?
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Three things Rome discovered that still influence us today?

Three of the many things that Rome discovered that still influence us today are concrete, central heating and the taxi meter.

How did Gladiators if ancient rome influence us today?

We still get our kicks out of Sports.

How did rome influence us?

It had created Christianity which is a big part of our lives today.

What influence did ancient rome have on your system of government in the US?

Rome had influence on the US because most of the thing today come from Rome, like our government it was very alike, our way of life is also pretty similar

What influence does ancient Rome have on us today?

women,concrete road, high way,

How did mummification influence us today?

It doesn't influence us at all.

How do Ancient Rome inventions influence us today?

Well, if we didn't have Romans we wouldn't have things like roads, sewers and heating.

How did Romulus and Remus influence today's culture?

they built a section of Rome

How ancient cities continue to influence physical structure of modern cities?

There is Rome, Greeks,India, China, and Egyptians still influence us today with their religions, culture, and etc.

How does Rome Italy influence the US now?

Many factors that came from Rome have contributed to the growth and improvement of the US.

Do Roman ideas influence America today?

YES! Most of what we do today were influenced through Rome and Greece.

How does Ancient Rome influence America today?

Anatomy,aqueduct,republic, and forum

Which culture had the most influence on early Rome?

Romans, everyone else were 'barbarians' as far as they were concerned. It was the your with us or against us mentality...much like the 'American empire' of today!

How does Montesquieu influence us today?

he doent

How did rome influence today's money?

No influence. The Romans did not have paper money and their coins fell into disuse after the fall of the Roman Empire.

How did Rome's military organization affect us today?

it effects us today because we still have military

How does telephone influence your life today?

us us us us afl people

How did Ancient India influence us today?


How did greek mathematics influence us today?


Who is an example of French influence in the US today?

Which of the following is an example of French influence in the United States today? Answer: New Orleans

How does ancient rome democracy compare to us today'?


What was the Pueblo Indians influence on the US?

how pueblo indians influenced us today

How did roman law and justice influence us today?

They influenced us today by by making everything equal for everybody

How did Artemis influence us today?

she influence us by hunting andchild birth so then now we have to do this to day its so sad :(

Why is the magna carta important to us today?

Because it was the early influence on the law we have today