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Q: What does Roscuro believe the cloth will do?
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How do you clean garden light solar panels?

With a soft cloth and a gentle detergent, then dry them with a dry lint free, cloth or paper. Clean the solar collector panel, and wipe the dirt from the top of the panel. Look for bugs and tiny garbage, and remove these also. Use a damp cloth, and wipe gently.

What is the best way to clean sunglasses that are polarized?

Any coated lenses need to be treated with care. Usually, the cloth you use isn't the problem: it's the dust and grit that you grind between the cloth and lens that does the damage. The best way to clean any lens is to first rinse it with warm water. This will remove the sand and dust. After a quick rinse, dry the lenses with a lint-free microfiber cloth. It's important to remember that the cloth also needs to be protected from sand and dust. If you paid real money for your awesome sunglasses, make sure you keep a convenient cleaning cloth in a zipper bag.

How gravity occurs?

Imagine a table cloth held on by each corner above the ground. This is the universe. Put an apple on it. This is a planet. The apple makes a dent. This is gravity. Put grapes on the cloth. These are smaller planets. They are drawn to the apple. Put a soccer ball on the cloth. This is a very large planet. Everything moves towards it. Gravity.

What type of cloth is most recommended for cleaning eyeglasses?

The best type of cloth to use for cleaning eyeglasses is a microfiber towel. These towels allow the glasses to be cleaned without it scratching the surface of the glass.

Why tin flags instead of cloth flags in moon?

There's no wind on the moon.

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What is the rat's name in The Tale of Despereaux?

it was Roscuro

Who are boticelli and roscuro in the tales despereaux?

Alan Stubbs

What did roscuro used a royal soup spoon as this?

A crown!

In the book the tale of despereaux did despereaux kill roscuro?

No! They become friends.

In the book the tale of despereaux why does Roscuro prevent the cat from eating despereaux?

You are probably talking about the movie. In the book their is no scene about the cat trying to eat Despereaux. Roscuro feels bad for Despereaux and prevents him from being eatin from the cat.

How do you clean mushrooms to cook?

I believe you can clean it with a moist cloth..

Many people believe the Shroud of Turin is the burial cloth of this person?


What does the phrase Cut the cloth mean?

I believe the phrase is "to cut the cloth according to it's width", which is to say, do the best (or make do) with what you've got. A tailoring/dressmaking expression? You lay the pattern on the cloth to fit it in.

What does the word Roscuro mean?

There is no word "Roscuro' in French or any other language. Differently from 'Despereaux', which is French for 'frustration' or 'despair', 'Roscuro' is an adaptation the movie script writers made up, and the reason is this: In the book, the character's name is Chiaroscuro, blend of 2 words, 'chiaro', which means in Italian 'light' or 'clear' (from there we get the Spanish 'claro'), and 'oscuro', which means 'dark' or 'black' in all forms. No doubt this describes Roscuro's character, since he lived in a dark world, but wished for the light above. It also aptly describes his performance as a basically 'light' or good person, but now sadly fallen onto a dark path, until Despereaux helps him return. Now from 'chiaroscuro', the writers lopped off the first 4 letters (chia), which leaves us with 'roscuro'. Hence, this was the form adopted for Despereaux's rat friend in the movie.

What is a cloth bag full of musket balls that are fired from a cannon called?

I believe that it was called grapeshot.

Why does Queen Rosemary die in The Tale of Despereaux?

She loved soup so much that when she saw a rat (Roscuro) in her soup she had a heart attack.

What are types of insulation?

Believe it or not, natural objects like cardboard make great insulators.