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S4S means surfaced on all 4 sides.

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Q: What does S4S mean in decking lumber?
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What does E4E mean in the decking lumber industry?

Eased 4 Edges S4S = Surfaced 4 Sides

What does S4S mean in the lumber industry?

Square all 4 sides.

What is the difference in board feet and linear feet?

Board feet is the unit measure of rough lumber. Linear feet is the unit measure of S4S lumber. (smooth 4 sides)

Can cypress lumber be used for decking?

it is a superior wood for decking, staying smooth and splinter free for years. Also, it looks much better than treated pine.

What does s4s mean slang?

One common meaning for it is "shoutout for shoutout".

Where can I finding outdoor decking from?

Outdoor decking is normally assembled by a contractor. A contractor would purchase lumber and build the decking at your chosen location according to a design you have chosen. Once the contractor has built your deck, then you may sit out on it and enjoy the lovely weather!

What does S4S mean on Instagram?

It means Share for Share - you share their pictures, they will share yours.

Where can you buy outdoor bamboo decking?

Hello Amy If in Southern Africa, Eco-Logic Bamboo Decking is available at selected Pennypinchers, Lumber City & Timber City stores countrywide. Kind regards Elzaan Faria

What is S4S in construction terms?


What can plastic lumber be used for?

Plastic lumber may be used for building outdoor decking areas or other recreational structures. It may also be used for molding, trim work or as a general replacement for many wood applications.

What is s4s?

If its on facebook pages, it means Share4Share

What decking product would you provide the longest life and would require the least maintenance when building a deck?

Trex,found at local lumber supply

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