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Google translate says "I hope to soon" Irish Gaelic

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Q: What does Ta suil agam ar a luaithe agus mean?
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Ta suil agam go bhuil la brea agat?

"Tá súil agam go bhfuil lá breá agat" means "I hope you're having a nice day"

What is suil a ruin in English?

"suil" should be "siúil" "siúil a rúin" means "go my love"

What does the name Sullivan mean?

Suil Amhain is Irish for Sullivan. translated back to English it means One Eye

Cad ata ar suil direach tar eis na nuachta in English?

"Cad atá ar siúl díreach tar éis na nuachta?" "What is going on directly after the news?"

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What is the Scottish word for eyes?

the scottish translation for blue eyes is blue eyes. Because they speak English in Scotland Actually Scottish is still spoken in Scotland, its called Scottish Gaelic. I think the translation for blue eyes is roughly suil gorm but that's not for sure. I would disagree with the above. A variety of languages are written and spoken in Scotland. The main ones are: 1) Scottish Gaelic - mainly in the Highlands and Hebrides, although there are some Gaelic medium schools in other part of the country 2) Scots language - this has many dialects which vary greatly from region to region. Apparently Doric speakers from the Aberdeen area were able to understand and speak to German soldiers during WW1 as they share many similar words. 3) Scottish English - a mix of Scots and Standard English From what I remember from my degree (mostly in English Language - including some Scots), Gaelic was originally the language of the Highlands and Islands, whereas Scots developed in other areas from a northern dialect of Old English (Standard English developed from a southern dialect). Following the Highland Clearances, people were sometimes punished for speaking Gaelic, and Standard English (with a Highland accent) replaced Gaelic, or co-existed with it, but they have never spoken Scots there. There is a huge variety of vocabulary in the different dialects of Scots, and they can vary greatly within a small geographical area. Here are two postings I've seen recently on facebook, the first is in a (Glaswegian?) dialect of Scots, the second is the same content in the dialect of Shetland: Ur ye Scottish? A um. Ye ken ur a true Scot if ye can properly pronounce Ecclefechan, Sauchiehall Street, St Enoch, Auchtermuchty and Aufurfuksake. Yer used tae 4 seasons in wan day. Ye kin faw aboot pished wioot spilling yer drink. Ye kin make hael sentences jist wi swear wurds. Ye know irn bru is a hang-er cure. Ye actually understawn this message and yer gonnae repost it. Du kaens du is ower true a Shitlinder if du cin properly pronounce n faddom broch, aert, girse, blinnd-moorie, peerie mootie and muckle. Yur wint wi fower seasons in ee day. You cin faa aboot pysht wioot spleshin your drem. You cin mak hael sentences wi twartree swear wirds. You kaen a shitlind rose is a hingower cure. Nane o dis wirds ir uncan tae you n you're gaein ta re-post dis.....