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Some think it is the name of a Maori chief who lived in the area; others believe it is a shortened form of Te Ana-au, meaning "cave of swirling water current" (since there are such caves on the lakeshore).

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Q: What does Te Anau mean in Maori?
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What is the depth of lake te anau?

it is 270m deep i know becaue i live in te anau

What does Te Anau mean in English?

The Maoris of Southland always pronounce Te Anau as "Te Ana u". The name Te Anau has been translated in several ways-"uneven surface", "long view", "lake of many arms", "water current in a cave"; however the lake is in actual fact called after Te Anau, a granddaughter of Hekeia, whose name is bestowed on the Longwood Range.

In Maori what does Maori mean?

It means 'ordinary' or 'natural' . I te reo Maori - ko te tikanga o te kupu, ko te Maori.

What does o te reo maori mean in English?

o = of te reo maori = (the) maori language

Is there mac Donalds in Te anau?


What does Te Wiki o Te Reo Maori mean?

It means Maori language week.

What does te atua mean in maori?

Te atua means 'the god'. Te being the definite article in Maori and atua meaning 'god'.

What is South Island's biggest lake?

Te Anau.

What does te kapua mean in maori?

Te Kapua means 'The cloud'.

What does te aroha mean in maori?

the love

What does Te Arapu Maori mean?

Te arapu Maori is simply the name given to the Maori alphabet (A ha ka ma na...) Hope this helped :)

What is te reo maori?

Te reo Maori means ,the Maori language.

What does Te Hana mean in Maori language?

To Shine

What does Te Moana mean in Maori?

The sea/ocean.

What does Te Wharenui mean in maori?

Te Wharenui means The meeting house in English.

What does a te WA mean in maori?

te wa means see you later and that is what it means

What is the maori word for you love maori?

Assuming you mean "Love the Maori language", the phrase is "Arohatia te reo" which means love the [Maori] language.

What is te in maori?

Te is 'The'

What does Hutt River mean in Maori?

Te Awa Kairangi.

What town is the gateway to the milford trek?

The trek starts out at Lake Te Anau.

What town is the gateway to the milford trek'?

The trek starts out at Lake Te Anau.

How do you say Maori language in Maori?

Te Reo Maori.

What does the Maori words te hana mean in English?

Means 'To Shine"

What does te puna mean in maori?

The spring (water spring not the season).

What does Te Papa mean in Maori language?

"Te Papa" means "the earth" 'te' means 'the' and 'papa' means 'earth'/'ground'