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Travailler dans le domaine du courrier et dans un entreprise réputée dans ce secteur vous intéresse: You are interested to work in mail delivery sector and in well-known company in that area.
Nous sommes présentement à la recherche de manutentionnaires qui devront décharger les colis : we are currently looking for handlers who will have to unload parcels.

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Travailler dans le domaine du courrier et dans un entreprise r

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What actors and actresses appeared in Le domaine - 1999?

The cast of Le domaine - 1999 includes: Lou Castel Damien Ferrette

What is the population of Le Domaine-du-Roy Regional County Municipality?

Le Domaine-du-Roy Regional County Municipality's population is 31,870.

Is domaine de la cade in Kate Mosse's new novel a real estate in France?

This property is not real, it was invented by Kate Mosse for her novel. The location really is on the map. There is not a 'domaine de la Cade' but the village, the path and the roads to the suggested domaine and the landscape she desciribes are all there.

What does a domain mean in English?

"a domain" is "un domaine" in French.

When was Le Domaine-du-Roy Regional County Municipality created?

Le Domaine-du-Roy Regional County Municipality was created on 1983-01-01.

What is the a french term for area of expertise?

champ d'expertise, spécialisation, domaine

What does nom de domaine mean in English?

If I am correct, nom de domaine is the French way of saying Domain Name in English. Domain names, or nom de domaines, are website addresses you can go to on the interenet.

What is the origin of the word domaine?

The word domaine or domain originated from an alteration of the Middle English word demayne, from the Anglo-French demeine, from Latin dominium, from dominus. It's first known use was in the 15th century.

What is the population density of Le Domaine-du-Roy Regional County Municipality?

Le Domaine-du-Roy Regional County Municipality's population density is 1.8 people per square kilometer.

How do you say good at drawing in french?

doué dans le domaine de dessin

What does the name Marchelle mean?

It is a marriage of the name Mark and Michele Mark Havel Domaine Marchele

How does 'nom de domaine' translate into English?

The French word 'nom' meaning 'name' and 'de' a particle word, 'for' or 'of' pertaining to the phrase "Nom de domaine" translates easily into English to mean "Domain name". Domain name refers to a URL for a website.

How do you get 3 free diamond gems on fantage?

see you get free dimonds by playing games in waziard domainethats how you get itthanks

What has the author Richard Jeandelle written?

Richard Jeandelle has written: 'L' e trange domaine de Robert Tatin'

What does the phrase 'nom de domaine' mean in English?

"Nom de domaine" is the French phrase for "domain name". It's used in the same way "domain name" is used in English - specifically, the base URL of a website. For example, all pages on Amazon feature Amazon's domain name.

When was Domaine Rouse born?

Domaine Rouse was born on 1989-07-04.

When was Domaine Chandon California created?

Domaine Chandon California was created in 1973.

What is a great winery in napa?

There are a number of great wineries in Napa. They include Domaine Carneros, Artesa Vineyards & Winery, Silverado Vineyards, and many more.

How do you say you are not very good at it in french?

'Tu n'es pas très bon dans ce domaine' pretty literally means "you are not very good at it" Hope that helps!

What has the author Pierre Marie Juret written?

Pierre Marie Juret has written: 'Le domaine public maritime' -- subject(s): Maritime law, Public domain

What is the population of Tactical Network Solutions?

Network Solutions est le registraire de noms de domaine d'origine et vend tout ce dont vous avez besoin pour mettre votre site Web en ligne. NSI vend de tout, de la conception de sites Web, des outils de site Web de bricolage, du courrier électronique, du SSL, du commerce électronique, de l'hébergement Web, de l'hébergement VSP et plus! cutt.ly/6kQXPVe

What has the author Michel Lavoie written?

Michel Lavoie has written: 'Le domaine du roi, 1652-1859' -- subject- s -: Fur trade, Commerce, Colonies, History

What has the author Paul Albert Lorin written?

Paul Albert Lorin has written: 'Comportement des structures dans le domaine plastique' -- subject(s): Plastic analysis (Engineering)

Is a bottle of 1988 Savigny-Serpentieres Domaine Pierre Guillemot worth drinking or selling?

I am talking with the producer's son right now and he suggests this wine should definitely be enjoyed ASAP

What has the author Camille Guy written?

Camille Guy has written: 'La mise en valeur de notre domaine coloniale' -- subject(s): Commerce, Colonies, Law, Communication and traffic

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