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What does Tu tambien cielo besos mean in english?

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TÚ TAMBIÉN, CIELO. BESOS (correct syntax and spelling) --- You too, dear. Kisses

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What des besos desde el cielo mean?

kisses from the sky/heaven

What does bienvenidos a besos mean in English?

bienvenidos- welcome a besos- with kisses

What does tambien mean in English?

The Spanish word "tambien" means "too" or "also".

What does besos mil mean in English?

many/thousands of kisses

What does besos de amor mean in English?

Translation: Kisses of love

What does 'besos y abrazos guapa' mean in English?

"Besos" are kisses; "abrazos" are hugs. ""Guapa" is "pretty" or "good-looking."

What does la chica mean in English?

besos grandes para chica a la izquierda

What do the Spanish words mi cielo mean in English?

The literal translation is "my heaven". Mi cielo is used as an endearment, such as my darling.

What does tambien hablo ingles como quieras mean?

Also I speak English, as you like.

What does Gracias y tu tambien mean in English?

Thank you and you too Thank you and to you as well

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