Soviet Union (USSR)

What does USSR mean?


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It was the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.


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A satellite depended financially, economically, and militarily on the USSR. This is called a "satellite nation".

Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

It depends what you mean. The USSR landed several spacecraft there.

Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. In Russian it is SSSR or in their writing- Cyrillic- CCCP.

You must mean the USSR - which is Russia and it's satellite countries.

The USSR disolved in 1991

The USSR "collapsed" in 1991.

The USSR "dissolved" in 1991.

The USSR no longer exists. Latvia is an independent country. When it did exist, Latvia was part of the USSR.

omgomgomg!!!! USSR!!! YES!

The core of the USSR, the Russian Federation.

If you are talking about in Geography/History it was the USSR and that refered to the United Socialist States of Russia.

USSR was an ally with the west, in fact Hitler invaded the USSR.

When that song Back in the USSR by the Beatles came out. that marked the recognition of the USSR by the United States.

The USSR dissolved in 1991 and became 15 different countries. It has been about 18 years after the USSR fell. USSR means United Soviet Socialist Republics.

The USSR formed by the Soviet States in 1922.

The governing council of the USSR is communism.

No, the USSR never became a continent.

Yes it was the bread basket of the USSR

Trapped in the USSR was created in 1984.

The ISBN of Trapped in the USSR is 0440990580.

USSR in Construction ended in 1941.

USSR in Construction was created in 1931.

Easy USSR was created in 2001.

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